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Ideas + suggestions

evil characters

Postby goduranus » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:25 am

About new character traits, I really wish to see a psychopathic/evil character that could kill without remorse, or perhaps even kill and rape for fun.

Maybe I just played too much carmageddon or duke nukem, but this is a dark violet and realistic game, and evident from what happens in real world events, war may just be the excuse for someone like that to kick down his neighbor's door guns blazing.

"Jenson was a violent ex-gang enforcer at the capital prisions. He escaped death row for murder when his prison bus was hit by a mortar shell as the inmates were being transferred away from the front. Though wounded, he crawled out of the burning wreck of the bus and shook his fist at the heavens to promise himself that he would survive the war."

Possible traits:
Violent, killing someone while on a scavenging mission will give him an andrenlin rush that will grant him temporary accuracy and damage bonus
Sex offender, can sexually assault NPCs while on scavenge missions to remove sadness, depression or even gain "fun"; has chance of assaulting a female member of the player's group while drunk, causing her to leave and sadness to everyone else.
Psychopath, will never feel sadness for killing or stealing, and will not inform player's group of his misdeeds. Has chance to reveal misdeeds if drunk, causing backlash from his teammates.
Possible negatives like alchoholism, smoker, or some kind of substance abuse that consumes medicine(constant pain).
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Mostarda » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:27 pm

Goduranus, youre mad!!

This is not a GTA ridiculous game!

This game should be one of the best in the last 10 years I played. Today's games are very boring, I'm very picky about the games and do not play more single player game ... But this is very innovative, and I would not change its essence, becoming a common game that you go out raping and killing for fun.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby KarlosCV » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:29 pm

Some of the things people suggested would be great (like the difficulty setting or other customizations) but I feel it would go against the character of the game. Also survival games of this type usually don't have difficutly setting. I feel the difficulty is fine - high but not insanely so. I don't know about other people but I win once in about 6 playthroughs or so (12 playthroughs done, 2 wins). I suspect this will improve as I learn exactly the various mechanics and what to expect from each place.

As for learning - for the love of god 11bit, give us some documentation. I don't mind working things out for myself, especially in a survival game, but some things are simply not possible to figure out exactly - or at all. Like the morale mechanics or some character traits. Sure you can guess what "Trained in Combat" means but it would be nice to know the exact benefits.

As for multiplayer - I'd LOVE to be able to play with a friend. Two people could be allowed to scavenge at night and that could be done as a co-op: each of us would pick a different location. Of course the game would have to be expanded significantly and the difficulty ramped up (more locations, more things to do during the day, longer duration, crafting costing more) otherwise you'd quickly run out of things to do and also the game would become unbalanced/too easy. But I suspect this would take another 2 years to implement so I don't expect this feature coming anytime soon :D

All in all 11bit - a great game, a huge pleasant surprise and one of my favourite games in years. Kudos.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby G_Heavy_Arms » Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:23 pm

After playing the game for an hour the theme/feel of the game kinda left me. When i first started playing this i got the message that war is hell, soldiers fight battles why civilians fight the war, etc. After awhile it just felt like another (strategy?) game.
1.) Create more story and backgrounds.
A.) Explain the world and how the war happened.
B.) Give more detail to the characters backgrounds, make them cinematic (Use the pencil art to make it feel like an old memory)
C.)Make us believe the hell of urban siege warfare. Show how the people are suffering and have random artillery barrages. (make the game shake a little with booming sounds, lights flicker and dust comes off the ceiling)

2.) Diversify the resources and make it harder
A.) extend the kinds of resources and split them (parts=gears, wheels, belt, etc)
B.) Make it so that finding them is harder (differs for different resources). In war its quite hard to find intact stuff)
C.) Give construction a chance to fail. Not all of us are engineers or have the technical knowledge to do it (radio).

3.) stat sytem and RPG elements? (may take away from game idea)
A.) create a stat system based on theoretical and practical knowledge and skills
theoretical knowledge: knowledge that was taught to you or you studied it EX; don't know, have little knowledge, know it, got taught.
Practical Knowledge:How experienced (hands on) the person is at ---
Stats: kinda like the traits system but it has all of them (combat, barter, etc)
Teaching: have characters teach each other. It would be nice to have (soldier character) to train your people.

4.) disasters
A.) natural disasters (self explanatory). this would add to the difficulty
B.) war caused disasters. Gas line blowing up, water poisoned, shockwaves/earthquakes (from bombs)
c.) Have moments where you have to escape and find a new home (You get swarmed or the army has a battle where your hideout is

5.) DLC: do a metro 2033/last light mod.
This would be perfect for the game because metro has a pre-built story, heavy feels and atmosphere, and a hellish world.
A.) since polish people mostly speak russian and how they had strong relations (doesnt mean good) this would work plus the situation at Ukraine would add give some foreshadowing.
B.) in the metro story it was stated that after the bombs fell tanks could be heard in Moscow and D6 was a HUGE military cache/base. This would support the fact that the Russians would try to take over Europe.
C.) No world super power hates Poland so the nukes wouldn't hit it (but the fallout would)
D.) You could expand the emphasis on survival over morals and resource scarcity.

Or you could have the mod set in Moscow instead of (insert Polish city here) which would fully utilize the game's idea
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Mostarda » Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:59 pm

I miss a combat training option, Im confuse how kill for back whit one hit of knife (like metal gear/splinter cell), it is possible? i try but doesnt work.
Im feel dumb whit the icon, its white and turn orange and turn white...
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Stigsonic » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:47 pm

I don't know if any of these have been suggested but:

-New Material: Cloth. You can use cloth to make better clothes or jackets (to stay warm). You can also use cloth to make backpacks (larger inventory size).

-Give the player a choice of -Regular (regular amount of days) - Long(A Lot more days than regular)
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Wariat » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:18 pm

Alamand wrote:Weight lifting: increases carry weight, the more you've gained from this the harder the next point will be.

Component sorting: occasionally gives you more components, the idea being you're sorting them so you can use them more efficiently, making what you have go further.

Firewood chopping: turns 1 wood into 2 fuel at the expense of taking a lot more time than regular crafting.

I'm not sure how balanced any of these are, but it would be nice to have more to do in the shelter.

I love this concept most of all. Specifically the weight lifting or other "training" that can help survivors increase their odds.

Bathtub: use water item and soap to clean self, certain survivors are more cleanly than others, and would want baths more often. Hot bath can improve general morale of group/anger group members as a waste of resources. Soap could be a good luxury resource. Clean or warm bath perk can decrease chances to become sick.

Couch/loveseat: seating item that takes up two spots rather than one, the greatest seating luxury available after the armchair. Can be used instead of a bed for sleep, but with a chance for "slept poorly."

Harmonica: use components and a broken harmonica to fix it up, use it similar to how books/cigarettes/coffee is used. This one would be hard to implement because of complications re: music/sound.

Improved Locker Storage: upgrade some of the lockers around the base with locks/etc. so raids have less of a chance to successfully steal objects (addresses the store-valuables-in-cabinet exploit)

Simple Traps: Cans on a rope. Crushed glass on the floor. Binoculars. Etc. Produce these to make raids less damaging to the group. Binoculars could be a trade item.

More Item Improvements: Large backpack for increased storage. Improved clothes/coats with more pockets, or more insulation, or some light protection for increased storage, higher resistance to cold, and increased resistance to damage, respectively.

Can use wood to create baseball bat. Later use parts/weapons parts to add nails to bat. And so on. Loud but powerful melee weapon.

Ability to Cook a Feast: requires a ton of meat/vegetables, as well as herbs, and other luxury items. Gives everyone a well-fed bonus that increases health, resistances, etc.

More Luxury items? Coffee/smokes/booze are the essentials. What do other people use in their spare time to relax? Soccer ball? Jump rope? Tea, rather than coffee? Chocolate?

Honestly, I stole the bathtub/jump rope and a few other concepts from Zafehouse Diaries which follows a similar concept to TWoM, namely creating a home base.

I'd love to have the survivor cap raised, since right now I think four is the max you're allowed to have?

I think multiplayer is an awful idea and will just consume a ton of resources developers could use in further polishing the game.

Likewise, voices for the in-game characters feels like a huge waste of resources. Voice Actors tend to be really expensive, and if the devs want to add/change plotlines, special events, and so on, they'll need to rehire the VAs to read new lines. Or they'll be restricted in making changes since the changes are dependent on the VAs' schedules and so on. I really enjoy the text as it is, since it gives it that simplistic RPG feel, or as though you're reading a book.

Regardless of where the devs take this game, it's great. I love scavenging and detailed base management games. Thank you for making it.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby reinis0901 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:36 pm

Hi! I love your game! Very, very awesome!!!

The thing I wanted to suggest:
As I have already seen a lot of good suggestions I didn't notice anyone asking if you could implement new home locations. They could be random or player could choose one (dunno about this, your call actually). One smaller, one bigger, or even maybe they could rotate around the map, like maybe your home is at Shelled Cottage. This would be awesome, because sometimes I think that house is just too big for 3/4 survivors, I usually build everything in 2 lower floors, enough space. Also smaller houses would make players think what and where to build, what they can't live without and what they don't need for survival.

Once again - I love your game, it is awesome!

Update! Almost forgot. It would be awesome if every person you kill, their bodies never disappear from that location and if player could meet scavengers on some locations (they would appear dinamycally around the map locations). Would be awesome to fight for food as it would make game very, very hard as somebody can pick up stuff from in front of your nose and leave you empty handed.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Roman » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:28 am

Hello all, I want to suggest an idea with leveling such strilyaesh with weapons and shooting at you when you open pumped scrap boxes you pumped Skill open well or rather you will be open bystree.I as one man said we must add clothing as he said to sogrevatsya.I add the game to play together with friends)).
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Gennady » Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:15 am

Hi, first of all, I'd like to thank Devs for a really great game.
It's not really a suggestion, but I'd like to see this in this game. So it will be cool if devs split food to categories groats, canned, meat, vegetables. So meet will be kind of luxury stuff. And a little buff for Bruno, maybe special recipes? Or his food is a little bit tasty(maybe he can add herbals as a spices).
As for our fireman, maybe he can open boarded-up doors from the front using axe?

In the end, I want to say thanks one more time. While reading this forum I could see, that devs are going to make some patches, new content, have a lot of ideas for the game and they communicate with community. All this things are great for any development process and I hope, that This War of Mine will become even better.

Bets Regards, Gennady.
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