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Ideas + suggestions

Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:20 am

Chucksteel wrote:add a save feature during the day! I don't mean a save feature that would allow you to repeat a night until you get the outcome you want! That would break the game in my opinion! One of the things I love about This game is there is no Save Scumming! You live or die by your choices! It's just if the game crashes at night you have to repeat the day! If there was a save function that got deleted if your char died or something bad happened it might help when the game just craps out.

again just a random thought idea!

In my opinion any save make this game 2 easy.
The autosave that is already done is more than enought...
If i had any kind of save i were not bothered to try the hardest things like take my ak all my bulets and all the staff to get rid of everyone in the map. U have a point were u can return and make a normal game after that.
Thats 2 broken.
Also right now u can save a bullet just by quitting the game before. wich in my opinion is cheating.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Chucksteel » Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:23 am

my real issue has to do with crashes! I keep getting a looting crash and I have to repeat days!

If I wasn't having this issue I would say the save system is just fine.

also have to say I'm very impressed with the Dev support on this game! They are already looking into my issue.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Salamari » Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:00 pm

This game is really good. I've been getting dangerously close to being late for work because of it. What about grain or flour of some kind that you could combine with sugar to make something sweet to eat and get a small morale boost? You could even use it in place of sugar in the still.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby DziejopisWawel » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:33 pm

I think, that this game need more interaction with npc, currently, you can only trade with tradesmans and accept or decline quest. The option to talk,ask or propose something to npc,and conversations with dialog options would make this game more broad.(for example these old people in quite house, possibility to talk with them, hear how they going, their worries about their childer, and option to give them medicines or something) Moreover it would be nice if our relation with the neighbours were not limited to saying them yes or no and receiving gifts, there are so many ways to make relation with them more complex. Characters could have their own additional storyline options . For example Cveta taking care of neighbour's children when they need it or gaining favor of rebels after anton breaking the code of military forces (this one is maybe quite silly but i think you got the concept) I think that such rpg flavor would make game more intersting.

If there would be mod in the future wich would allow to make your own campaign the option to programm npc could provide many strong experiences from people who have wide knowledge about war.

Thanks for attention and sorry for my english.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby DziejopisWawel » Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:03 pm

I forgot about one thing, option to make noise (to attract enemies to place when we are)by shouting or somethiing would be useful
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby ReCon » Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:42 pm

Being short.

1. I read the idea of weight lifting for improving strength and "backpack" size. Bad idea. If you work out - you need at least double calories intake and triple water. As well as good night sleep every night. But about idea to bring two people to scavenge. To avoid the complexity of controlling both why not leave one to guard the entrance. He could become NPC and would act as your guard and extra backpack. You can choose to control him and leave the other one to guard after he is full. That would even make so room for new events. Let's say he notices 3 looters coming to the same place. He comes and warns you, so you can choose to run, or stay and see how it goes. Maybe he can even cover you (if he have a gun) after you have been shot and now running back while someone is chasing you.

2. Eating. If someone doesn't eat for day or two their stomach shrinks. So then you are starving you don't need to eat triple portion to make you full again. One is enough, that's why this step-by-step process from being "starved" to normal looks quite silly. You should make starving more of a "able to work" issue. Let's say you haven't eat in three days. You are starving and because of that weak. You get something to eat - you are not starving. Actually you are full after one meal. But still - you are weak, cause all that energy from that food needs to get into your body. So you need to rest anyway and can't do hard tasks.

3. Emotions. I bet you consider more of them. My suggestions would be divide "SAD" into categories. Like: SAD-mourning (after someone died); SAD-low self esteem; SAD-dirty (That would be something new to make - a bath with hot water)

4. Speaking of water. Thirsty should be more important then hungry. We all know how will you die first. I would suggest that water drinking would be self-actioned like coffee drinking, but I would say it is "must be".
And one more thing about water: if you have a fireplace, you definitely would not use oven to make water out of snow. You put water near fireplace and using the same firewood to warm place up, you use to melt snow.

5. Things to find: Clothes, shoes and bedsheets for warmth; Tea - it would help as coffee and a little bit as medication for simple cold.

To anyone who read it: if you see any flaws - let's discuss.
Great game. Keep up a good work.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby lamarc gasoldridge » Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:12 am

There should be an option to play as the people who defend the shelter during crime outbreaks.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Denzeli » Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:05 pm

Add a "drug addict" character.

Zero effect on morality when killing or stealing (and while doing it on this character, it wouldn't affect the others as s/he lies about where s/he got the loot etc...)...

Downside: Needs to be fed with meds regulary or get's really upset fast.

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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Zyl » Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:53 pm

Hello! Greetings from France. I love the game, very well-crafted, polished and detail-oriented, intuitive, with a good gameplay and story integration.

So, some suggestions!

1/I love the morale mechanic, and how each character has their own personnality. That said, I found the game a bit lacking when it comes to their relationships with their fellow survivors. Their being forced to survive together should help develop strong bonds (or tear them appart). So with that in mind, my idea is some sort of friendship or respect system. Each character starts with some sort of opinion on the others, depending on their personnality. For exemple, Zlata would almost universally be liked by the others, while Roman would draw some suspicion for his aggressiveness. Anton and Cveta might like each other given their common background as teachers, etc.
From that point, their relationship might progress depending on the events. For example, nursing a character back to health, feeding them, or talking them out of depression would greatly increase a relationship, as would bringing back some supplies the other needs (smokes, coffee, bandages, meds...). On the flip side, they would lose respect from committing acts the other disapproves.
Once two characters like each other enough, they might become friends, which would be mentionned in their journal ("I have grown to care for Arica. I respect her." ; "I am glad Cveta is here, I know I can count on her during tough times.", etc). Good overall relationships between the survivors would increase morale, and vastly diminish the chances of a character running away from the shelter. But losing someone they have come to care for would make them at least twice as sad as normal. It could also help develop a more human side to the selfish characters (up until Roman goes crazy because his friend died). And perhaps the epilogue could mention how they kept tabs on each other after the war ended and they returned to their life?
On the flip side again, if the characters' relationships become bad enough, there would be a lot more fighting, running away, and general grumbling, but they would not be very affected by their death.

2/More characters! I loved the dog idea I saw somewhere, but I guess it would be rather complicated. If you do think about a dog one day, please think about the possibility to eat it. And become severely depressed because eating your best canine friend was the only way to survive the winter.
An outdoorsman would be nice. Someone a bit more resilient to winter and sleeping on the floor, and maybe slightly more apt with the traps than the others?
A little old lady who used to have the most beautiful garden in Pogoren, with the ability to grow herbs and vegetables more efficiently? (I like the "useless" characters, having once finished a game with only Cveta left.)

I also would have liked it to be able to "recruit" survivors at night, or have them come to your shelter after some requirements have been met during quests. Like the supermarket girl, the sniper junction dad, or the hungry homeless guy.

3/As someone said, more options to achieve quests would be nice. I would have liked to be able to propose the "come guard my house, I'm afraid of thugs and I have a teenage daughter" lady to come and live with me for a few days, or nurse the guy wounded by a sniper back to health. Hosting (nigh useless) strangers would make life much more difficult for a few days (what with having to share the supplies and beds), but give a far better reward (and morale boost) when/if the quest ends successfully. And it would make temporary survivors to add some diversity to the cast.

4/As someone already suggested, I think, I would also like it if there were some reprisals to messing with the military or thugs during the Night, if they see you stealing for example. Even if you manage to get back to the shelter, they might track you down and attack, that sort of things.

5/If we're catching rats in the traps, and there are rats on some maps, and some NPCs are able to kill them... why couldn't we hunt them for a bit of food?

6/I think boarding up the house should have some effect on the temperature. Or rather, not boarding it up should make it far more difficult to heat it up.

7/Looters raiding the house at night should have a chance to die and leave us with some equipement if your group is really sufficiently armed and on the selfish side.

8/Maybe a possibility for the characters to overload themselves (add two or three more items than their max) when scavenging, at the cost of movement speed (and thus safety if the map is dangerous) and energy?
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:41 am

About morality is a good idea that some chars have more afinity so they are more suscesfully cheering each other up than other chars also if u have 2 chars that dont like each other get sad will b easier for those...
But I think going to a reputation system bassed on that is just 2 much. when u r focused on survive and u have more chance with the person u hate the most, natural thing is forget about ur shit and try ur best together.
If u dnt think that way u prob a pride stubborn.
But maybe is thats just my opinion.

About the dog/cat situation: Choose between eat the cat and fed him could b interesting... :o
I mean it.

I like the idea of being followed after a fail scavenging.

About the drug addict i just read about before... I dnt know what´s ur idea about a drug adict person but i have a friend who went throw that and he were depressed for many stuff. Dunno what makes u think that a drug adict will not get depressed for killing another human being... :?
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