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Ideas + suggestions

Hello! Some questions and ideas.

Postby Szed » Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:43 pm

Hi! First of all I want to say I'm absolutely loving This War Of Mine, for day one release i've played about 6 hours so far and so I don't know all of the features of course so if anything I mention in this post is already in the game sorry. I'm loving all the features so far and my favorite survival horror games of the past few years, these are just some thoughts that came to me while playing.

1) If you attack a group of bandits at their base and don't kill all of them or they simply spot you stealing items, is it possible they could track you to you're base and they can make an assault on you're base a few days later and you would need to depend you're own base?

2) More traps for people, you could leave a trap set in an enemy base and leave it for them to find it and possibly kill some bandits.

3) Possibility to burn enemy bases? You sneak into an enemy base and its flooded with bandits and since you've gotten your supplies you can set a match and let it burn. They could extinguish the fire but if they left it they would need relocate base?

4) This somewhat relates to 2) but have cans or something that would make a noise if someone hit them while walking past? Have a string of cans hung up at the entrance of you're base or even in a room behind you when you were scavenging to see if anyone was coming.

5) More character personalities?

6) Is it possible to move your own base? Once you've scouted out a new location you could move there with you're group?

7) Larger variety of starting characters?

I haven't thought too much in depth with balancing issues with these suggestions but im sure there would be, I'll probably end of thinking of more items while playing.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and im looking forward to see what the devs can come out with in future!
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One thing that's missing

Postby » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:15 pm

I thought what is that one thing that's missing in the game. Game is good - don't get me wrong, but still without that one thing there's no full immersion in the game. It's lack of voices. We can read what they think. We can read what they feel. But we read it - just like a diary.
It's sad. Bad thing happends to some people somewhere. We have to imagine their emotions - we don't feel them. It's like reading of your friend problem on facebook instead of being with that friend to hear about problems and trying to solve them.
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Re: One thing that's missing

Postby antonio » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:01 am

this message is for 11 bit studios, do you in poland speak russian? if so, is a chaime because in BRASIL THEY SPEAK PORTUGUESE, there are no brasilian language, so i recomende to change that in the game:this war of mine. THANKS FOR NOTHING.
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Praise and some thoughts about this game

Postby zero » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:55 am


First of all Congratulations, you have made an awesome game. High replay value, smart and challenging, I thank you for your 2years+ labor. Here are some of my thoughts on the gameplay.


- Proper FAQ/tips/information anywhere on the internet, very frustrating (But I admit I enjoyed the blind trial 'n error playthrough);
- I applaud the "grief" mechanic in the game, but struggled alot with it's understanding and how to overcome it;
- Bargaining needs a revision IMO with higher items;
- The "aggressiveness" of characters, situations and they way they are permanent or temporary is a puzzle to me or there are some bugs in this issue;


- MODs (Please!);
- (simple) RPG style character trait info + inventory;
- More stuff: locations, items, recipes, etc;
- Duration play modes (Short/Longer/"infinite" playtime) - it's way too short (but it does pack a punch);
- Flesh out the dilemmas, morality, moods and wishes among the refugees;

Overall I'm having a blast playing this, and I hope you keep at it because I do want you to take my money!

Keep it up

PS: If you need a translator for Portuguese (PT-PT) contact me, I'll be happy to contribute.
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Great work, 11bits! (+few reports)

Postby Jolly Roger » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:08 pm


First of all few words for devs:
I understand that you have hot days right now, just released game requires all attention, but..
Dear boys and girls, you did the great game!
I bought it yesterday and really ecstatic about experience I got and potential of this game, both in current state and future development!
The atmosphere is horrible. Well, it is great, if we are speaking about the realization and horrible because of it. Great job.

Luck of micromanagement. My hat off, this part of game design is very well done. It is so easy to follow “quantity over quality” path and overburden survival game with loads and loads of look-alike items and actions.
Heartless Bruno is a nice touch. It is the second heartless character named Bruno I met.
Language support is great, thank you. I learn Portuguese, so Brazilian support is just hit the spot.

I put all possible efforts to assist you to succeed even more and will advertise your game to everyone ^_^

For the second part, I left few report, bugs and game design. Because, it is hard to see even obvious flaws in your own work, especially, if it is that cool and you see 24/7. I don’t want to be an idea guy “have_great_idea_lets_add_vehicles !!!111”, ha-ha. no. Game design suggestions require game experience, but I’ll try to be helpful.
Game is great, but honestly has few minor, but unpleasant flaws, especially in GUI.
It is espessially unpleasant, because game is so cool and these ‘small’ flaws, could be real fun killers for customers. Personally, I didn’t have a lot of problems, thax to my QA/programmer experience “let’s click these buttons in all combinations and see” motto, but I am not sure it isn’t okay for ‘mundane’ players. ^_^

(GUI) Game information has funny organization.
I don’t say that ‘build more chairs (1/2 build)’ should be added and really appreciate log-like interface. Yeah, atmosphere rules.
But, for example: “Our house” information is hidden inside items menu. Maybe ‘Diary’ button would do the job?
Diary can held “house info”, character’s bios (including deceased) buttons and additional data, like “game log” (day 11. Paulo have found a lot materials at %Location%. Bruno feels a bit better, but still his wounds look bad.) etc. +1000 to atmosphere and could be great for community reports or AARs, etc.

(GUI) Lack of tooltip (popup) messages and context help surprises me a lot.
Game is in dare need of tooltip, at least for possible actions.
Solution: a. small window on the screen that could be turned on/off. Help msg is to be shown there while cursor stays over the action icon.
Tooltip msg has to have:
Action name.
Who is going to do the job.
Estimate time, result and context help.
For example:
Paulo will clear the pile of trash and get access beyond.
Takes approximately 30 minutes.
Shovel would be really helpful (if we have no shovel).

b. (Optional) Characters may comment actions and their chances, if cursor stays for some period over the icon.

(GUI) crafting menu context help. It would be nice to have a name of the name of ‘workbench’ player need to produce ingredient and tip (do we have it or not).
It can be made story-like or just like a mere tooltip.
For example:
I sent character to produce water, but I have no filter, for example: game will tip me, where I can make it and what material I need, like:

(GUI) information window “we have been attacked” (and other windows, like starting one.) has no “click to continue” button or appearing info message “click to continue”.
It is more uncomfortable, then apmospheric.
For the first few times I was waiting, until it finish loading.
Solution: ‘Press to continue’ msg would be helpful.

(NPC, L:Russian) Location: hotel; Person near the entrance says that if the character wants to trade, he or she should go to the first floor. It is translated word to word, but first floor in Russian is ground floor and first floor is second floor.
Solution: Person should say second (второй этаж) instead of first floor (первый этаж).
Of course, game doesn’t have a tutorial, but it looks like feature, because you have tutorial in such life situations. So, I can’t name it as an issue.

(NPC, school) NPC speaks about uncomfortable chair while sitting on the floor.

That’s all for now. There are a couple or additional issues, but I have to reproduce them to be sure. :roll:

I wish I help a bit.

Just forget one.
(Radio, L:Russian) Radio says about leader of the rebel (don't pass the front line and so on), but it's translated as rebel's boss (начальник). Sounds awkward. better: "лидер повстанцев".
Jolly Roger
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Re: One thing that's missing

Postby Ryusai » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:02 pm

Voices and levels.. Your people survive for so long in that house. Let them level up? Don't think it needs more explenation :D
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Re: One thing that's missing

Postby » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:16 pm

Levels aren't real. That would focus gameplay on numbers and I don't think 11bit had that in mind when they create TWOM. Rather allowing more than one person to "hunt" at night.
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Improvements we would like to see

Postby Infantry87 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:14 pm

Hi Guys! I got the game yesterday, usually i'm not into insta death games without saves, like FTL. This war of mine rocks, really got sucked into it, and i keep trying again and again, against all odds.

In this thread id like to hear everybody's suggestions on how in their view the game could be improved, made even better. Also maybe further ideas for a This war of mine 2 that hopefully one day will see the light of day :D

Here are my 50 cents:

1. I'd love to see the Helmet and Bulletproof Vest visible on characters, it breaks immersion not seeing them when ur going out for payback on the military after killing someone of your crew.

2. It would be great to have the possibility to send out other party members to scavenge, its unrealistic having all of them staying at home and makes it not really worth it to keep more than 3 people. The slight bonus the 4th person gives is in no way making up for the added Med/Food demand. Maybe the option to send them out on a scavenge with random pick-up chances (or giving them search priorities with 2-3 options, Construction, med, food ect.) on loot given by the target area (Or playing the same night with multiple Characters in different locations, would make it a bit tedious though i guess).

And with that would come the further moral question of sending out ur people on their own, weighing the extra loot return against the risk that in the morning u'd get the saddening news that unfortunately pavle got killed by militia while picking up that desperately needed med pack ( Would have to be balanced in a smart way though, it would suck to keep loosing people constantly without having direct player interference ). Basically it would be possible to have the option to send out people scavenging with good returns, without the player actually going out directly. Would lead to yet another possible playstyle.

3. The special traits of the characters could maybe be exalted a bit more. A handyman compared to a lawyer should be a lot more efficient in putting up stuff in your hide-out. And the combat guy compared to a cook etc. This makes for more imbalance between the different characters, but would also support even more varied playstyles since every character would lead towards another strategy.

Theser are my ideas, suggestions, lets hear yours!

Love the game, im almost sad dragon age inquisition is coming out tmw since it will inevitably draw away focus in my case :lol: keep the good work up and i hope we will see further improvements

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Ideas + suggestions

Postby Slimsta » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:56 pm

Here is my opinion on the game so far on what I have experienced and also on what I would like to see.

1. First things first. I would LOVE to see multiplayer in this, games can get quite tedious for me with no multiplayer. When I play the game I see all the awesome things you could do with multiplayer implemented in to the game. Just imagines, one person goes out and scavenges while the other stays at home and defends the base, Or even make it you can both scavenge. Basically what I would like to see is a multiplayer, very much like the singleplayer but have someone playing with you. Multiplayer for me makes a massive difference to the game and adds on lots more hours of fun to it.

2. The game is too difficult at times. When I first loaded up the game and begun I was just thrown in, not sure on what to do and had to restart about 5 times in 2 hours. I still fail quite a lot at the game as I find it too difficult. When I want to scavenge a building and then people are in there too, I can't as they tell me to leave, causing me to leave and returning with no food for my survivors. Or they just stab me and go home with nothing and a stab wound.

That is really so far. We all have different opinions but I am sure a lot of people would agree that this game needs a multiplayer. I absolutely love the game, it is unique and brings a whole new perspective of survival to the gaming industry.

Admin here - I'm gonna merge all threads with ideas and suggestions - it will be easier for the team to read. thanks!
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Re: My opinion on the game

Postby zedsdead » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:49 pm

funny how different opinions can be...

1) please NO multiplayer, please concentrate all the available ressources on updates and adding content(locations, longer war, more randomness) and fixes for the singleplayer.

2) please make the game harder, most of the time its too easy too acquire ressources-

Thanks, this game is a real gem.
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