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Ideas + suggestions

Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Borys » Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:21 pm

Thank you for all kind words. And ideas. :)

All I can say for now is: we read them and we're still working on the game. Some of ideas will be implemented but some of them are just too huge. Unless the decision is made that we're not making any other game than TWOM it might be difficult to match all of your wishes. :)

Once again, thank you!
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Chucksteel » Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:05 am

First off I have to say I'm loving this game! I didn't even know about it and launched steam to play another game and saw it in the new release section on day one! Read the description and I just had to have it! I must say it has exceeded my expectations and have over 80 hours of play time in so far!

Next I agree NO Multi-Player! This game doesn't need it and if it had it I feel it would just end up being a fight for resources between the players.

My suggestions,

1. add some key binding so the player can quick select there survivors. This could be as simple as using the left right arrow key to scroll through your surviver portraits so you don't have to click on them to activate the one you want. (sorry I'm left handed so I bind the arrow keys for most game movement and control but it could even be the F keys. just looking for a quick select!) the real point is it would be nice if the player could customize the UI to there tastes.

2. add some UI that shows how much Materials you have, Something that could make it easy at a glance. this could be a graph, or even something in the UI at the top showing how much Water, Sugar, wood, Materials, Weapons parts even snow you have. (I find myself wasting resources because I forgot I made several water filters! and I need water!)

3. add the ability to choose your starting survivors and the time of year your game begins in .ie Warm or Cold! I'm not suggesting the player could choose any of the 12 survivors in any combination but just pick between the predetermined groups that all ready exist. (I tend to start a game over and over until I get the group and the weather condition I want to try to survive in or with!) This would also keep the starting Bio's intact which is a feature of the game I like!

Lastly! Please! Please! Release this game on IOS! I would buy it again just to be able to take it with me on my Ipad! :D
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:16 am

Awesome game. I simply love it.
I have plenty ideas after being playing non-stop last few days. So Im gonna spit some of them here and see what happen. :D
Lets go:

1 The war is 2 short: I´d like to manage to continue the history further. I´d like to have a full shelted capable to make their own vendages and all kind of stuff in order to do the hardest misions in late-game kind with some garantees.

I´d like to have a register of my games. In the main menu, with all the succeded chars i have passed the war with like some kind of hall of fame. I mean a black picture till u survive with that certain char and unlock the char picture with his final history after u survive. + something telling how many timess u survived and with who everytime. And even how many times u didnt. So after all that i just want some kind of goal record.
I cant show my friend i survived using only marco last time. :-(

A Hardcore mode will b quite nice too.
Once u survived a couple times gets kind of easy with some configs.

If i leave things in my closet i dnt need to defend cos noone robs u from there. Feels like cheating and probably is. :p

The axe is a bit OP. Think u get too many wood that way

More maps.

whould be nice to be abble to go out with 2 chars the same night.

More characters.

More events and variability in maps.

More items and more stuff to make at home. Silencer for guns, a place to observe in the roof (in order to defend better ur house), Electricity faillure so some of the stuff u have a house doesent work temporally or even til u fix it. Also a electricity generator with fuel could b a nice solution that can also introduce the electicity guy char. :ugeek:
U can conect ur stuff to the electric post out of the street but this can fail sometimes or burn ur stuff so u have to fix it and u also have the electricity generator if u build it.

U should b abble to use alcohol as fuel not only to get people drunk or bandages. And also should be adictive for some chars. Guess is another problem to deal with...

Improve the bed could b a nice idea too. So u can rest faster or slower depending wich cuality of bed u using once u use one.

Events in ur house. Militars break in and take someone for interrogation. When u do the supply things they come to ask u but thats all. they could also take u for interrogation so u miss a char for 1 day...

If u get late could b nice to have a chance to be kidnapped so u find ur char the next day in front of ur house with a guy asking for a deal in order to get her back. if u dont do it it gets executed in front of the house.
Or even being kidnapped in a dif map that u discover further... Dunno, have many ideas using that...

Multiplayer Ideas:

Each player controls 1 char only all in the same house.
In this mode theres no pass day button. It does it in auto when all players press it.
This should include guarding events.
U all stay in day at home doing ur stuff to get ur char good.
And up to 2 players go out in night for misions while the rest stay at home.
At night the people who stay at home also play. keep doing things at home or guarding. Actually doing the defence if someone try to get in.
U can sleep when u want. day or night with ur char.
The way it is there must b a lot about comunication between players in order to survive.

Separated interest:
2 players per house. max 4 houses.
Each player control 1 up to 2-3 chars So u can be 5 in your house with marco and the runner controled by 1 player and the other 3 by another player.
U can only send of ur chars out in this mode and u have to co-op with ur housemate player in order to survive.
Resources are limited so not everyone will b abble to survive and that will make everyone to risk much more into dangerous misions.
If any player leave the game the housemate player will take control of all the chars inside.
if both leave the game the house will b closed.
How to regulate that everyone gets the same chances.
Easy: Every house gets a couple easy maps separated like the ones u usually gets when u start in solo.
And then when the map opens, some places are shared by a couple houses.
Yeah u may find some people from other houses in ur map. It could b helpfull sometimes or a pain in the ass, It depends.
This mode seems quite atractive for me.

Well, Those have been a few Ideas I have.
Soz about my english. Is not my main lenguage so it probably get quite wrong often. :p
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:25 pm

I also realized that everything u prepaired at home. kind of food, alcohol, etc etc cant b stealed.

If u send someone on mision the last day, doesent count like he/she were into the house. I mean, u cant read the survive history she have after game. That just happened to me. :-S

Could b nice if u could get some chars form events like the one u can save in the hotel or the girl u save in the supermarket...

a bomb in ur house could be another kind of event. Breach the walls so u have to cover them again... etc etc...

Fences in game so u need another instrument in order to cut it. or use the shovel to dig under it taking longer that way...

about the electricity thing i writed avobe, could b nice to have a lightpost outside so when is on u have electricity inside when is of ur electricity supply is cutted.

people in this game is quite dirty. None of them take a shower in the whole war. I bet they stink and is the reason why my chars get ill that easily...

Could b nice to have some other dif kind of food not just the rat thing, cans and the carrots. So u have to make dif things depending of what u have and all of them recover ur hungry status more or less. That gives the cooker char a bit more importance.

Could b nice to make another kind of alcohol apart from the moonshine using plants too.

change the icon when u r about make a instakill could b quite helpfull. Combat mode works quite extrange sometimes. Is the only thing i still cant control easily. And i aslo havent used a long range weapon yet.
Have to test it, even when i prefear the stealth. I guess im in love with arika.

Could b good a children char. Could b good to get into some places where noone else can get in. Or also could use his/her cuteness to get better trades than others in some places... dunno.
Also the old woman who take care of childrens will b more helpfull than just taking care of depressed people... she one of the most useless chars right now.

A few some more ideas i had.

Thanks in advance. ^^
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby qaudoo » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:08 am

Great game! really :)

about ideas, is there any possibility for add some randome events? for example
it could be something like russian white convoy ;)

another one:
in trade points ( like military base), prices should be more speculative, according to what is advertised on the radio and on the situation in the city
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby drcoolio345 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:06 pm

Keep up the great work 11bit, I'm loving War of Mine!

1)I'd LOVE if enemy camps had some traps. Bear traps that damage you, tripwires that alert people to where you are, stuff like that. PLEASE 11bit!

2) Custume teams. I know you can beat the game with any team, but everyone has favorite characters to play with right? Why not let us pick them?
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Klaus&Ronnie » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:46 pm

Thanx 4 this game.
The BEST anti-war game ever. About people, about life...
and so real in it's pain of all wars.

So, about suggestions (thinking's aloud):
- on the radio (when I hear it's noise at first time) I thought that there must be smt like: Fenomen - "Szansa". Somehow I remembered it that time.
- in the game, IMHO, there is a need of: Bajaga - "Oktobarska kontrarevolucija" (Momcilo Bajagić "Profesionalac" soundtrack). Suddenly I thought about it when I tried to cross Sniper Junction.

P.S. needless to say, all U know about it: F@*© the WAR !
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby SithWizard » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:05 am

First off let me start by saying that I love this game!

Now my suggestions..

1. Add a war length slider .. quick, short, normal / default, long, epic.
2. Difficulty settings for NPC's with weapons. easy (lazy guards or poor aim), default, hard (better aim from guards, more alert).
3. Enlarge the city with more buildings.
4. Hideouts.. maybe have multiple hideouts instead of just one. Maybe you can pick or it is random on start.

Once again, an amazing game!
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:23 am

Agree: I got bored from having the same house every game and put all the stuff in the same place cos is the logic way for me to set the things up.
So whould b nice to have 4 or 5 dif house scenarios even if the stuff u have in is the same.
Also this will make game starts a bit diferent. Cos the 3-4 1st days are pretty much all the same every game.

Id like a hopeless mode where theres no end to the war but i guess thats imposible cos scenarios and resources are limited and theres no point in survive when u have nothing else to scavenge.
I even reached that point in day 27 or around it. If u dont wanna steal anything from good people. Only kill and take all from bandits and trade to survive u realize that theres nothing else u can pick up at some point.
But i agree about that the war is quite short. I almost never manage to build up all the house stuff with all upgrades.

I think it should b a record of all the goals u made ingame like helping the man in sniper junction So u can try to achieve them all.
Also is a must to have the same with all the chars that u managed to survive with.
Also some extra achivements like survive with 1 of them. Survive with 5 of them. Survive with the 2 friends the same game. Survive with all the smokers... etc etc... Thats shouldnt b a hard thing to do and give u some extra content to the game after u survived for the 1st time.

Also activate a new mode after u survive once will b quite nice.
Something like hardcore, or extended war, cold war, no fire weapons, u cant excavenge with any weapons... Some ideas.

Also this game needs many more maps to escavenge. I Think i know them all already except the military post where i never managed to sneak in yet, and is just cos I dnt wanna get in there shoting everyone.

Ideas for maps:
Mine field. A military plane full of suplys crashed into a mine field so u have to manage to go throw it to get the supplys.
A Pub back in time now is used like by a armed gang maybe trade there or sneak in. U will find some alcohol for sure.
A horphan full of childrens who lost their family.
A office full of electric suplys.
The local police station.
A place where some of the faction camps

Whould b nice when u have no acces to some places due to war. Have some others saying that were occuped by one of the factions for few days and u actually found them there if u scavenge it so can have some surprises even in places u have already visited.

Thats all i can imagine right now. I will write again if something else come to my mind.

(This time instead of giving some ideas i were talking about what i think should b improved.
This is just my opinion. Dont take it in a bad way. I love this game?
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Chucksteel » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:25 am

I've made my share of mods for Bethesda games, DCInteriors, NVInteriors, A tale of Two Wastelands. but I'm not sure how hard this idea would be to implement by the Dev's. Not implying this game is broken but I know and fully understand how hard it can be to implement features on Beth's broken Engine! None the less this is just a suggestion!

add a save feature during the day! I don't mean a save feature that would allow you to repeat a night until you get the outcome you want! That would break the game in my opinion! One of the things I love about This game is there is no Save Scumming! You live or die by your choices! It's just if the game crashes at night you have to repeat the day! If there was a save function that got deleted if your char died or something bad happened it might help when the game just craps out.

again just a random thought idea!
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