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Ideas + suggestions

Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Ghost13 » Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:37 pm

Devs are clearly avoiding sexual topics in the game. Although sexual relationships is expected in this sort of conditions it will probably will not be done unless we have ability to mod the game to this level.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Kiwok » Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:31 pm

First of all, GREAT GAME!!! I really like the atmosphere!

I've played through the game a few times and have a few thoughts on things I'd personally like to see in the game.

1. As some have pointed out earlier: To bring a companion along while scavanging. I liked the idea someone wrote about a passive companion that "guards" the entrance. This "companion/guard/escort" would be selected in the same menu as we choose the other nightduties. You could run to him/her to give items that doesn't fit in the primary scavangers backpack to allow for a larger haul. This seems like a logical and easy way to allow for two scavengers to me. If it's not too difficult, perhaps one could "tag out" and switch primary scavenger through a dialouge option or something like it.

2. Electricity
Someone wrote previously about electricity as a new element to the game. I like the idea, and it brings a whole new dimension to surviving:
-What if your fridge loose Power? All your nice fresh food would eventually rot away. :twisted:
-What if you trustworthy alarmsystem fails? Your poor survivors would be robbed blind!
The necessity for Power would introduce a Power generator fueled by diesel.

3. Light
Connected to the previous point. If there is a blackout one would normally be unable to see anything. This creates the need for lumination. A torch would be a very crude way to do this, a flashlight would be better. Without light one could maybe be unable to loot completely as one couldn't find smaller items? Also a new item required to power smaller electrical appliances (radio) would bebatteries, small regular AA batteries and larger car-batteries.

4. Animal keeping
Building a rabbitfarm or keeping chickens would be a plausible source of food. The survivors would need to feed them and care for them which would create more items such as straw.

5. General buildable improvements (some mentioned Before)
Fence for defence
Traps for defence
Wheelbarrow (for a larger haul of loot)
Crude bucket-shower

That's what i got so far, will probably update with more later. :D
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby anthonyallen » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:03 pm

First of all ,thanks for bringing us such an awesome game,excellent job!

I've play TWOM for 10 rounds and I really love this game.I want to experience more in the following updates or maybe a sequel.I haven't read all the posts so far .so if I'm talking about something already been mentioned,please ignore me.

so far,I just come up with two ideas besides adding hotkeys and interactions between NPCs.

1.The difficulty of the game should be improved,maybe different levels for players to choose from.
Basically,the difficultise come from 3 aspects:1.short of food supply 2.short of medication supply 3.short of enough fuel and wood supply to live through cold days.

I really enjoy the first ten days of the game,I have to carefully choose what to bring back during night,because I got find some food for my characters every other day to prevent them from starving and enough wood to fill up the holes in the shelter, then reinforce the door.especially when the game begins at cold days,the difficult would rise to a whole new level which I enjoyed a lot.but after that,I can't feel that I'm at a war,because I've got crazy amount of food supply and materials,enough for me to build up a new shelter if necessary.I once stayed in the shelter from day 24 until day 45 just because I've already got what I need.Those days were really the way,I only kill and steal from bad guys.and I'd never touch places like quiet house.then where are my supplies come from?For example,at the night of day 3,the military outpost might be scavangable,all I need is a lockpick.when the trading guy talk to his superior,it gives me enough time to sneak upon the cabinet,steal everything and leave that place with just one warning from them.and I'd scavange the military outpost every 3 days,never feel tired to do that.

So maybe there could be a mechanism that once you stole things from a certain place,you will not find the same supply at the same place,which means the NPC's got a improved AI.they know someone had stole things from them,so they would stock their important items,like food or medication somewhere else.So if the players really want to get what they need,maybe they have to scavange the whole place.and the NPC's route of patrolling could change once you steal from them.Just make them more unfathomable.

I also noticed that the bulbs in the shelter are so bright and we actually have a good fridge working well,where dose the electricty comes from? so maybe we should add a expiration date on our food supply,so that we have to constantly looking for food supply instead of staying 20 days in the shelter with nothing to worry about.

2.New mechanism and interactions

This game offers us a chance to really experience the war,to make choices between survival and humanity,so I'm guessing maybe the choices should be more constant and intensive.For example: a skinny little animal could show up(maybe a cute dog or cat)during the cold days or before,especially when you have little food supply.Helping it and make it your animal friend or simply ignore it just because you don't even have food for your own characters.That's one ocassion,think about another ocassion: No place to scanvange for food due to heavy snow during cold days,bad luck on catching mouse,no one come to trade with you and your character's gonna die tomorrow,all you got is your animal friend,now is your choice,I know it would be extremely cruel,but will you kill and eat your pet to keep your characters alive to see the sun tomorrow? or starve to death holding your pet? I think that's quite possible during wartime and I believe no one would never ever choose the former.Katia won't even think about it, but how about bruno,the cook? humanity conflicts would be quite intensive.

And I don't think the game needs a lot of items,highlighting the humnity conflicts part will make the game perfect.

These are just my shallow ideas and please forgive my poor English. :D
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Kiwok » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:20 pm

Another thought:
The presence of trees outside the shelter makes the whole "ran out of fuel" bit kind of strange. Perhaps there could be a "gather wood" option that would be very timeconsuming. Say 4hr=2 fuel?
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:34 pm

There r also some furnitures u can break like few armchairs u have in the shelter...
But even without those the axe rush is way 2 op if u dont start in winter.
I´d love the electricity thing.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby adele » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:05 pm

Hello dev and players .

I Think the game is perfect , but way to short , as soon as I started surviving and mastering the game , the war was over ! I did'nt get a chance to try and come back to the warehouse with my AK 47 , helmet and jacket ... what a shame :evil:

I finished several times , and each time it was to short , exept for the time all my caracters ended up catatonic .

I saw cool suggestions like adding clothes and chocolate, more diverse items , new harvest places , that would be great . the main thing is , I want to have more time to enjoy my creations !plant machine, bad ass meds machines, guns ...I deserved it !

Thanks for this great game bytheway
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:15 am

To b fair, when u get to that level of tech that u r making 1-2 bottles or pure alcohol daily so u could easy get 1 vandage dayly... u also have some AK ,kevlar, helmet, theres not much to do. Is quite clear u gonna survive. Continue with it till day 40 will switch ur game to a troll one.
There r only 3 things of this game that can b dificult once u know how to play.
outbreak of violence: that check ur shelter defense.
Winter: that check ur hitter, wood and medicines.
and the scenarios where u can get hurt by some bullets.
Right now if u can manage with those things war is over.
How can we make the game longer but still hard.... Hmmm
I have a couple ideas. Once is the already said electricity. Adding a new time where nothing at home works.
That could shake even the most teched up shelter pretty much it should b about nothing at home works.
So u cant even cook. U should create a generator or eat raw food.
U cant also use ur plants things and many other stuff u have builded and depends on electricity to work.
Could b nice to have that in the 3rd part of the war.
That will make u save those cants of food for that part of the game. will dont let u get overpowered by building things in lategame etc etc...
Other way to make that harder is if u were bombed at home so some of ur wall breaches open again or cut the acces to some part of ur shelter so u have to use the shovel to get there again.... some of the stuff u build at home could b broken cos of that lost bomb or someone get injured.
something like that could b a big change in ur plans.
Also some stuff at home could just b broken by use or by accident so u have to fix them.
Those are a few ideas to make the game longer with a reason.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:27 am

Daytime events. A thing to work in.
Being raided at daytime when u have control of ur chars could b an interesting experience.

what if one of ur chars got prisoner cos the time at night went to 0 in a dangerous map? so u have to go there and rescue him in that scenario or the armmed group come to ur house with him to get ur stuff as a trade for his life.

Some random guy come to your house and u asking for help to b hided. then some militars come and look for him inside the house while u try to keep him undercover.

Constructing a safe place inside ur shelter where u can hide from everyone could b worthy for someof those events.
if u get raided and u cant defend with some garanties or if some militars come to your house for any reason in daytime.

Getting a sniper shoot coming back home or see how the market guy run aways cos of it till u take care of the guy at night in a new scenario...

Well everytime i play things like that comes to my head. So there u are some.
Ill come back soon. :mrgreen:
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Gennady » Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:09 pm

Another thing about random events.
Maybe, shell/missile hit your shelter? So you get one more breaking wall(especially critical in winter or at crime period), destroys any workbenches or furnace, any of survivals wounded.
This event will be a real challenge in some situations. Just imagine, Youre returned after night, but your shelter is destroyed.
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