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Ideas + suggestions

Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby leorecapo » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:18 am

hello my name is leonardo and wanted to say that I download this game for illegal or pirate way want to say , and I liked it so much I decided to buy the game , hopefully they can keep making such great games like they always do . thanks for the best games of 2015
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby TZAsh » Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:35 am

This sounds a bit far-fetched, but this game could revolutionize MMORPG!

Think about it! Create a character with a sneak passive skill, like Arica. Or a levelable passive good cook, which makes more and more stuff with less and less ingredients. Or an active skill backstab like Roman. And so on...

And that's only the character creation!

After that you begin to live among the ruins, but all alone only with your very limited backpack slots. So when you quit the game, your character goes to sleep. Who knows what will happen at your next login? Did you hide well and wake up intact? Or robbed, and begin starving after a few hours? Or even with a slit throat? Or there is a note next to you, that someone wants you to join their shelter at the shelled school site?

Or your hiding place before logout turned out to be some people's shelter? If they will not shoot you on sight for your stuff, how do you convince them to let you join, being only a mouth to feed? At the shelter you build stuff to improve the shelter? What if the shelter gets shelled one day? Or if the militia comes for your stuff, but not 2-3 people with knives, but dozens with AKs and a tank?

Or you go scavenging? At day, with the militia roaming around, or at night, when the other scavengers are out, either collecting the same stuff you're after or just waiting for you to collect them, before hitting you in the head with a pipe?

Or guard? If you guard, you guard the other sleepers? Or all your materials which you piled up in the basement? Or you yourself go out to raid if someone found another shelter? Or you just get information about that shelter? Or you actually left that shelter, and go back with your new buddies to raid them, because you know the layout and where their materials are stored?

What if they had the tools, like hammer or pickaxe, and completely changed the layout of the shelter? Or what if they moved in with the big collective in the metro tunnels, where 25-30 people are living, some always on guard?

Gosh, my imagination is just wreaking havoc right now!
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Hallow33n » Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:25 pm

great great great.

First off id like to congratulate the team on an outstanding and totally original idea of a game.Ive played PC games for years and have never ever felt obligated to not only join a forum OR for that matter congratulate its originators so... take this as a first for me.

The game play is excellent, its very addictive and on the whole cant say much would improve it.
If it was down to a few tweaks.. ? id love to see more differant start up houses,after all in a war zone your cant choose how delux your shelter will have to be.

More locations to visit and to search.

More loose locations ie.... youve headed for one location and cant get there due to the fighting-weather and are forced to go for an alternative.

More interaction.... ie kids uve suddenly got lumbered with.

More charactors.. they all seem very nice and sweet but how about someone nasty coming to stay in the shelter and all the possable problems that could cause.A drug addict or a drunk for example.

please please dont go for zombies... as far as i can feel im guessing the basis for this idea came from the balklands conflict as far as i know there were no zombies kicking around there.Keep the realisitic aspect .. its the games winner.

best regards !!! Hallow33n !
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby baron026 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:11 pm

Hello, greetings from Indonesia.

First thing first, I would like to say THANK YOU for the amazing game! This is the first PC game that I bought directly right after I see the Steam Store page. Usually I pirated the game first and will buy the original only if I really love it. Well done for the marketing (especially the Survivor of Sarajevo trailer), and thanks to fans review too --lot of them are funny.

I study International Relations and this semester I start to take more specific expertise, and I pick lot of security and humanitarian action classes. I read a lot about wars and its horrors, but as I haven't got direct experience or direct story from the survivors, I cannot get the 'feel'. I love how the game delivers the story of survivors, with morale impact from player decisions. It really helps me to get the 'feel'. The concept really unique and currently TWOM is the best war/anti-war game I've ever played. Please keep improving the game with updates and consider to make TWOM 2 someday, with the same concept and grand-story of course.

To make it easier, I will try to divide my suggestions into minor and major. However, I do not have any experience in programming. So I might be wrong. Please note that I have 35 hours play record and I already finish 2 stories.

Minor Improvements
    1.) As I play it in PC, it will be great to optimize the use of keyboard, hotkeys option will be great. First, to move the camera I hope I can use AWSD or arrows button. Second, to change scavenge - combat mode I can use 1-2-3 or mouse wheel. Third, to change between survivors in daytime, perhaps I can use 1-2-3 or F1-F2-F3 buttons.
    2.) I used the PC with my brother. And besides that, I have two friends came to my house in New Year eve and they want to try the game. I have to 'sacrifice' my story (Day 21 already) so they can play new game. My point is, it is great to have 'player profile' options or if the game can have at least '3 auto-saves' at the same time, so more than one person can play the games without waiting to finish it first. But please do not change the 'auto-save' or 'no manual saving' mechanism, it is already great and support survival atmosphere.
    3.) The background sound of warfare (i.e. sounds of gun shot, artillery barrage, bombings) in my opinion is to 'quiet'. In most of time, the music is much louder than the warfare sounds. I suggest to lower the music volume and make the sounds of warfare louder in some 'events' (i.e. when army-rebel fighting event, warfare sound both in day-time or especially when scavenge a place near the 'can't enter because of fighting' locations are more intense and louder). So you can get the feel that the clash happens in near location. More varied type of warfare sounds will be appreciated (i.e. screaming of people or war-cry from the combatants -- not everyday, but sometimes ).
    4.) An option to 'move' an objects, or at least the two basic objects -- main workshop and wooden chair beside refrigerator. That wooden chair beside refrigerator is annoying, and it makes no sense to destroy it only for the sake of making space.
    5.) More diverse result from "raided" events. Perhaps sometime we make them surrender and take their loot (or sometime not), shoot one or some of the looters dead, and we can take his/her belongings. Or we shoot them into 'wounded' status and we can have the options to help (bandage or take to hospitals and make one of our survivor go for some hours or a day), to let him/her go in wounded status, or kill him and loot. Those "raided" events --shoot dead or wounded-- sometimes can affect morale, too.
    6.) Shortcut keys to "Open door - go in/out - Close door". Could be made as a new interaction-icon in the game, or through Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click button.
    7.) Option to change Font type and size in the game. My friend said that the font-type in character speech bubble and in survivor bio picture is not so readable, and some are too small. I don't have the same problem, but perhaps many other players have that problem, too.

Major Improvements
    1.) The main strength of the game is the background story/game concept. Some players suggest to add character voice to give more depth. In my opinion,it is not so important as I prefer to read. I get a novelty-experience, and it is like reading a novel or survive story. Adding voice also could take lot resources and focus from more important improvements like adding a new character or home-base. Besides, you (developer) needs to be careful as a bad voice-actor could destroy the whole atmosphere of the game. My suggestions for this issue is to add more 'special-events' that gives more story to character. For example if you play as Roman to kill rebels occupying the school, on the next day Roman's bio will write (--example only-- : "I don't have much time to recognize those rebels faces one by one, it was dark there. And it almost dawn already. I'm afraid that I shot my old friend. Perhaps I will go there again tomorrow, but I'm too afraid to face the worst possibility"). Or when player help the two children with sick mom, Marin bio will describe the face or the description of the 'boy' in his bio, or even his own children (CMIIW). Or if we play as Anton and rob the Quiet House --old couple house--, and then the next few days we (can be Anton or someone else) re-visit and found the old couple dead, Anton has a chance to feel guilty and go 'broken'. He will go so sad that player cannot make him eat or sleep. So we have to heal his sadness before he die of starving or tiredness
    2.) Improve the character communication. It is great to have maintaining-relationship gameplay (as long as it doesn't take resource on much more important improvement like adding shelter or character or scavenge map/events, would be good for next sequel perhaps). More simple way is to add more text bubble for character relations. For example I never know why Roman always hit Bruno when sad. In my 2nd story, I had 4 nights where Roman hit Bruno. I don't know why always Bruno. I read some blog and online guide, and it always Bruno. Perhaps you can add a text-bubble when Bruno and Roman walk pass each other, or when in the same room. Or perhaps you can make Bruno and Roman doesn't want to sleep in the same time and room after the fight --Or they cannot guard together after the incident--. Not just a punch incident and then nothing happened. And it would be good if you can add this kind of 'fixed' relationship for other character, not only Roman and Bruno.
    3.) I would love to see more types of survivor home-base that gives different strategies to finish the story. First, a place which is so small so that survivors only have very limited space to make household/furniture items. Second, a place that is not so wide but tall, and consist of more small rooms. The idea is to make time-management in doing jobs harder (i.e. have to going up and down using a ladder which consume more time).
    4.) Make a game manual, so that we can know what impacts that an in-game events or character has. Being specific (i.e. person A could do 10% better) is not important. At least the manual can give more insight for character traits. Or for more simple way, you have to improve some of the in-game explanation. The problem here is with 'A Good Mathematician' and 'Love Children' traits. I don't know how they could impact the game. For Cveta, I still can guess how her ability work since there are several children-related events and character. But Anton with his 'A Good Mathematician' traits does not have any relations at all with the game-mechanics or objects. At first I thought he is efficient in barter, but then I remember we already have Katia for bargain skills. I'm curious and read guide online. Then I found he is good in getting meat via traps. Traps made by Anton could get meat faster. I tried it and it works. In this Anton case, perhaps he should not be a "Good Mathematician" but a "Biology Scientist" or "Veterinary" or "Zoo Keeper" or "Farmer" (rat is common pest for farm plants so I think it is still logical if he is good to traps rats as a farmer).
    5.) Last, the most important thing for me is to make new shelter, character, places to scavenge, and in-game special events. I already mentioned some in previous points. But for character I don't have specific idea because it affect game-balancing which is too complex for me. Besides, all works/activities within the game already has relations to current survivors. I think about kids character who cannot do some activities (scavange, make alcohol and household/tools) and could bolster spirit more (need to remake Zlata story and ability), and can make Cveta who loves children more resistant to sadness and sickness. But yes the ability already owned by Zlata and I don't know much about kids character restrictions in a mature/ violence-themed game like this. I read suggestion about a "criminal" character who need sex, alcoholic, and can murder people without hesitation. It would be good but I think its too 'dark'. The game itself basicly promote anti-war and anti-violence. Having a heartless character that killing civilians happily will ruin that objectives. Roman is already enough to kill armed people.

Sorry for long post, once again thanks for this fantastic game. I hope I can see lot of updates ahead and hopefully a sequel
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Col_Jessep » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:33 pm

O hai!

I found this gem of a game by watching LPs on Youtube, fell in love with it and bought it a couple of days ago. It's addicting and puts you on an emotional rollercoaster like no other game I've played before. Well done 11Bit!

I have a rather short wishlist of features that I would like:

1) character control with F1-F4 and key shortcuts for switching between scavenging and combat (as baron026 already suggested)

2) the option to have one character nurse another back to health during the night (improved healing chance)

3) A way to skip one or two hours in a safe environment. That would be useful for digging up piles of rubble early game and to get your guards and scavengers some sleep early in the day. I frequently have one character playing guitar and 3 sleeping till lunch. Would be nice if we wouldn't have to wait the entire time.

4) Maybe the most important point: difficulty settings. I've played through 5 or 6 sessions so far and surviving becomes too easy. I finished one playthrough with a ridiculous amount of food stockpiled, 2 sets of rifles, 50 ammo and more meds than the hospital has. It began to feel like an all inclusive holiday, not a survival situation... ;P

4a) Less resources to scavenge in each location.
4b) Franco the trader doesn't sell sugar, herbs, gear and weapon parts.
4c) Characters will refuse combat and simply run away.
4d) Larger negative emotional impact of stealing and killing.

If you could implement this as checkbox options that could stack it would be really awesome and tough.

Thanks for this fascinating game! I hope you plan more content.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Chani » Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:03 pm

Hi, first of all I would like to congratulate all the team for it's hard work. It's hartwarming to see a game from Poland that gets so much attention. Also the topic itself it's really mature and of great value. But to be honest I think that there are things that could be done differently and there are my ideas:

1) The game itself is too easy. I've played it 5 times, never lost anyone (the worst thing that happened to my character was an injure and it was cured in hospital).// EDITED nevermind this. First 6 plays are really easy but then suddenly game gots very hard. The Roman+Katia play is just impossible for me ; )

2) It would get a massive gain in replayability simply by adding more places to venture and possible scenarios for already existing places. A new safehouses would also be nice novelty. The way it is now it gets boring after several gameplays.

3) AI of the NPC needs to be upgraded, you can kill them one by one with subsequent visits to their place and they don't change their patrolling route. This guy on the back of the warehouse never seems to realize both of his friends were killed...

4) I understand that several playable characters purposely have no real survival value and are implemented to the game only to test player's humanity (Anton, Cveta). But how it's possible that Bruno, wchich I believe is included with most of the teams and presented with potentially very good perk (who wouldnt like a wartime cook who can actually make something edible from a rat?) is in fact both really useless and annoying? His history is, frankly speaking, dull and egotic, he never has something wise to say, he never seems content except of being fed to maximum. I think he just gets on everyone's nerves, regarding the frequency he gets beaten when some other inhabitant is annoyed ;). Sadly we doesn't know it though, which leads us to the final point:

5) The most important thing that in my opinion should be implemented are actual interactions between inhabitants of your shelter. I mean, how it's possible for a group of people to live together under such dire circumstances, having nothing to do exept listening to trashy crystal radio and lying around and they never ever engage in any chat with each other but instead go all day mumbling to themselves? Ok, I've heard they broke this wall of silence when someone gets really sad but it never occured during any of my gameplays. And this lack of interactions makes them look more like robots than humans. Do Anton see Arica as a juvenile delinquent, white trash and potetnial threat to everyone's safety or rather an orphaned teenager hurt both by the abusive background and the sad reality of war? Maybe he sees some of his former students in her? What do Roman think about Zlata, is she smokey hot and also very nice or maybe annoyng with this stupid smile all over her face and constant fiddle on this damn guitar? We never know because the only time we see some actual interaction is when it's a fight in your shelter (commentaries about someones actions said to themselves doesn't count as interactions).

There are also ideas that other people suggested but in my opinion they aren't really worth considering:
- multiplayer - don't make this game another polygon for 12-year-olds obsessed about COD, please.

- cannibalism - so far I know it occures only in very specific situations when there is really no other way of getting food - concentration camps, rafts on ocean etc. Cmon it only takes some parts to catch a rat and you doesnt have to eat your friend.

- prostitution - some guy even wrote here a detailed schedule with effect of prostitution on any of female characters... wchich is quite amusing because how the hell do you know if Arica is better in sex than Cveta or other way around? It just doesnt make sense. Also, male prostitution is in fact possible and frequent :).

- infinite war - unrealistic idea. Every siege comes to an end.

- psychopath/drug addict characters - I cant imagine why anyone would like to group with psycho or drug addict during time of siege. Drug addict in time of war gets through speedy detox or gets killed and psycho group with other psychos to torture people in the hotel.. until Arica shows up and put a knife in his back.

To sum everything up, You've done a very good job but still there are some things to do to make this game legendary ;).

Sorry for my english.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby zodmafa » Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:59 pm

Love the game which is the reason i am on the forum. I want to see it continue to grow and improve.

Some have been suggested earlier (im saying them again because they are awesome!)

- Cloth. Ability to make bags and clothing to keep people warm in the winter.
- I want to be able to build a strong box. After playing a completely solo Marko game and getting raided for half my food for a few nights I wish i had the ability to more securely store my highly prized items.
- There could also be upgrades to a few items. Upgraded bed = faster sleep. remove a bit of sadness. lower sick / wounded time.
- I would also like to see people have an option when it comes to water. Rainwater collection and snow melting, you COULD put a filter in there to get clean water, or not to get dirty water. No mats for a filter but really need food? Risk it and go without a filter, 5% chance of getting sick per water used. 10% chance if wounded. 15% chance if already sick. That 3 water food could save you from starvation but kill you a from a fever.
- I would like a random event being to adopt a dog. A guard dog. It needs to be feed just like a human but either would be a guard that never needs to sleep. Or you could also take it with you on raids to help attack? Raises moral as well, who doesn't like a dog, or lowers it if he dies / runs away.
- The ability to HOLD shift while breaking into something or digging around would lower the noise by 50% but take 3x as long. While HOLDING ctrl would quicken it up by 50% but be 3x louder.
- I would like books to be able to help my people. Either make it so 10x books = some random skill improvement. So at 10x books you could turn them into a mechanical (or bartering, or combat) skill that everyone has as long as you have the 10x books. Or have very rare skill specific books drop during raids / trade. Raid the garage? might find a mechanics book there that will reduce everyone's usage of things when building stuff.
- I'd like to see things happen during the day time. Military or rebels come by and you have to hide everyone from sight for an hour while they roam the block.
- If you get everything you want / need quick enough during a raid and come home fast there should be less of a chance of you being raided. If i'm out for 6 hours there is a HUGE window of us being raided, if i'm only out for an hour, the window is much less.
- If snow is kept and the temp remains above say 15c for 3 days in a row it melts into water.
- A rock to distract people.
- A character who shuts up. Raided the quiet house with this character? Nope, found all this stuff in a garage can outside. Low bag space plus diabetic (requires food EVERYDAY or will die). But you can do some immoral things that wont impact others.
- It takes half an hour to turn wood into something i can put into a fire? Uhhh what?
- We raid at night because its too dangerous to travel during the day. Yet a mother and 2 kids, or sometimes just 2 kids travel around with no apparent problems and bring me coffee none the less!
- hostages.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby outseeker » Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:08 pm

Epic lists of stuff! Pity Borys couldn't give a feck lol
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby Sniglefritz » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:17 pm

I've read a lot of these suggestions in this thread, and I do see some good ideas, and some that would better suit a different game. I hope when people continue to make suggestions, that they keep in mind this is not like a traditional RPG, where it was designed around character advancement, learning new skills, things of that nature.

I did like one of the suggestions that they would like to see more background story for each character, maybe even provided during the play through depending on choices made. It would make you feel more connected to the characters, rather than focusing on them solely because of their specialty skill.

For re-playability, I believe more maps for areas, more randomized events (scripts), or randomized NPC's per area/map would help. After a few games, you can enter a new area and know which script it is. Once you learn the pathing, it becomes fairly easy to achieve the goal you set for yourself in that area/style of play through. I believe this is more important than adding things like more characters, abilities, items.

A tip for those that keep saying the Marko only build is too hard ... when you go out to scavenge, take all of your food and water with you. Yes that means it's less you can scavenge each time, but you can survive long enough that way until you get a second character.

Please NO multiplayer for this game. The current design does not make it possible for it to be enjoyable for everyone to play it together. I know, I personally love to do the scavenges and would always want to do those each night, and that would leave everyone else guarding or sleeping while one person is off. With that said about this game, I could see a different game of the same style that was multiplayer and was just a constant rolling clock and people could go off to scavenge at night, but it would have to be specifically designed around the possibility that you have all players out scavenging at the same time. The current game would make it easy to collect resources by three people in a single night of scavenging.

The last thing, some of the ideas that wouldn't be desirable for this game in particular, could make for great ideas on a separate/new game that was more skills/class/RPG based.

Great job with the presentation of real life survival events to a computer game. I've become a fan of your studio, please keep up the high quality design and community support.
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Re: Ideas + suggestions

Postby sarke04 » Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:28 pm

I think theres a must to create more interaction between the main chars and with some others NPCs
As someone said before theres incredible that bruno and roman fight "probably for the last cigarrete they both had" and then suddenly u can cheer one up with the other. come onnn... Well i know is not so efective but it should end in a live fight in game.
My real point is. Depending on wich actions u take some chars could develope some friendship, respect, debt, love, hate etc etc... And that should lead to have some conversations between them showing that.
If 1 char get drunk it should disapoint arika and make her stay away from that char. Thats 1 example.
Also if u save the mothers in the whorehouse with roman I know that the guitar girl says shes impressed.
Also if u kill 4 bad guys with roman Bruno say he have balls or something similar but thats all. Nothing really happens.
They should have conversations between them and sometimes that should lead to some events that may happen between them. There should also have some kind of history in the ending about it.
Like bruno never forgived Roman for killing that old couple. "He should have shared half of the cigarrete"
Or X and X they use to meet once a year to have a drink and talk about those days.
or Cveta and Anton married after war and they stayed together till the last days of their life.

I know some chooses u make in the game leads ur chars to the good, standart, or bad ending but apart from that dont have many efects in game and they should.
What about some casual sex when u get certain chars drunk? Or a fight...
Id like to see Roman and Bruno Fighting for the last cigarrete or arika sharing it... that make the chars more human and improves the background while also can afect the game in many ways. Not only morality.
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