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Think You Can Incorporate Some of Them Into Your Digital Mar

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Think You Can Incorporate Some of Them Into Your Digital Mar

Postby nishamoni5 » Sat Aug 13, 2022 3:56 am

Do you still have questions or suggestions on this topic? Leave your comment here! Participate! There is no doubt that the world has changed a lot in recent decades, but for professionals in the areas of marketing, sales and advertising, the changes brought about by the consolidation of digital media were even greater . The popularization of e-commerce brought to light the need to scrutinize specific actions and strategies for the world of bits , giving an important endorsement to the dominance of the internet over the market . But what about traditional marketing? Is there still room for him? The answer is yes. And better: the integration between offline and online marketing can produce great results in the form of success for your product or brand.

If you're still not convinced by this, an index can help: according to a survey by forrester research, 79% of people who receive an offline communication end up looking for the product, service or company on the internet. In other words, the “conversation” between the two types of strategy exists, is strong and has a lot of potential. Check out, in today's post, how to Greece Phone Number List integrate your online and offline actions : from real to virtual some examples of marketing actions integrated between offline and online are very simple, but, most of the time, well received by the public, such as a banner or pos material that has a quiz to be answered over the internet, or a qr code that takes the user directly to a specific page, accessed through the mobile device. Another simple and easy-to-apply example is using social networks.


You can encourage your audience to record good times they have with your brand or products and share on platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram (photos, videos, or even audio), which makes your brand highly valued among customers . In these cases, offering a benefit is always a good motivation. From virtual to real harry's bar, in singapore, made use of the potential of this relationship between online and offline marketing and created a very creative campaign: through a qr code , customers who were at the bar accessed an online chat , in which they could chat with other customers and buy them a drink, and they would go for face-to-face interaction.
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