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Archived game saves and multiple games concurrently?

Archived game saves and multiple games concurrently?

Postby Raagnar » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:45 am

Ok I know autosave exists in game for a reason and I LOVE it. It gets and keeps you so immersed versus being able to save whenever you want to back track out of mistakes. However I would like some ability to save in the players hands. What I would love would be these two things:

Archived Epilogue/Game Saves - I would love to be able to see what I did in previous games. The epilogue system of this game is fantastic in detail of recapping what you have done. It also works as a learning experience to see what you might have done wrong or where you could branch out for a different outcome. I would love to be able to look over all my games so I can see when I beat it the quickest, when I was the most violent etc.

Multiple Games at the same time: I love playing this game. i don't want to be able to save it anytime I want. But I would like to be able to have more than one game running at a time. My girlfriend has seen me play this and wants to jump on herself to try it. But I can't allow anyone to play it in my house without them wiping my progress or me wiping theirs. That kind of sucks.

Anyway this "game" is my favorite thing in the past few years, maybe more. This isn't a game, its an experience everyone should have to try whether you like games or not. It conveys emotion in a way that rivals, even surpasses, some award winning movies and books. It does so because the choices within are YOUR choices not the choice of a writer playing out on screen. It gives you pause to reflect on yourself and what you might do. Yes you can go all homicidal and play it like a psychopath because it is just a game, but I wager a guess that most people won't do that when they see the impact their choices have.

Brilliant game and you have won a fan. I hope you port this to mobile gaming. I'd happily buy it again for my tablet.
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Re: Archived game saves and multiple games concurrently?

Postby Borys » Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:06 pm

Gameplay depends on current saves system greatly and changing it would require some major redesigns so... I wouldn't count on it in the near future. :/ However, we know it would be helpful to some players to allow multiple game accounts. :)
I'm glad to hear you like the game anyway. :D
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