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Cannot eat gifted canned food

Cannot eat gifted canned food

Postby skidmarx » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:30 pm

Patch 1.2, Win 7 64 bit, GOG version.

I am playing Zlata and Emilia (selected scenario). They are in the new house.

On day 2 or 3, a friendly neighbour gifts the ladies three cans of tinned food.
Neither survivor can eat the food. When attempting it, the animation at the fridge enters a loop. The circular progress indicator flashes a full shaded orange, alternating with a tiny sliver of "just begun eating" progress. They remain stuck like that until I send them to do something else.

This happened when the gift was given on day 2. 2 tins were stolen in a raid that night. The remaining tin could not be eaten the next day, either, and it was stolen that night.

In a replay, (also in the new house) the gift was given on day 3. With exactly the same problem.

I am about to attempt removing the cans with the scavenger that night, to see if their "status" can be changed by carrying them back as scavenged goods.
This problem has not affected previous playthroughs with different survivors.

I am finding the raiding with these two women to be especially vicious. Both start out as slightly sick. But one is wounded, and all of the food/water/herbs are stolen by the end of the third night (ie two raids, after the calm first night). I cannot tell if the difficulty is set by the scenario, or a combination of scenario and previous successes. But having food to eat looks to be nigh-on impossible, as the meat and water and fuel is all stolen by the third day, and the cans are inedible.

(I have copied and saved the game files of this game, if you wish to receive them for analysis)
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