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Resolution Problem On Mac

Resolution Problem On Mac

Postby Harpopzy » Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:34 am

I have been playing this game frequently on my desktop PC at home and have enjoyed it very much.
I now am on vacation using my few day old new macbook pro with a retina display.
I figured that the game would work fine, as it was within the technical requirements section.
Yet, the game boots up fine and all but when I enter the game, it is fullscreen, but it does not have a good resolution (e.g. the faces are very blurred the orange text is small and hard to read).
Naturally, I went to the settings area and found that graphics quality and resolution were only defined by percentages and low/high.
My resolution was 100% and my gfx was high.
How can I improve the quality of it? I bought the game thinking that I could also play it on my mac, and I do not wish to purchase it again from the Mac apple store (which I assume it will be ok on).
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