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Ideas on improving replayability

Ideas on improving replayability

Postby zlajo » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:56 am

While this game is great, the biggest thrill for me in this game is its potential to grow. The length is more or less fine, the difficulty could become adjustable, but the replay ability is the thing that can be enhanced by a lot.

1. Lets start from the beginning. Random starting locations. We can have a few different starting houses which you get at random. The point is that every house could be a bit different.
-smaller houses would be easier to warm up
-smaller houses would have less room to build stuff (very small houses would really make you choose what to build and what not)
-smaller houses would have less need for boarding (which could come at random, just like the starting furniture/number of humans etc.)
-smaller houses if successfully raided would lose more materials (easier to search it by the scavengers.
-small houses could carry a bigger risk of guards getting hurt ( cuz there is less room to run/hide).
-bigger houses would be the opposite, with different medium houses having something in between.
-some big houses could even have 2 doors, but also a backyard.
- bigger houses could have more starting loot.

2.Starting house could have different position compared to other sites ( not just left bottom corner). This has concrete use later in the ideas.

3. More different sites, as everyone said. And every site having more different scenarios, to lower predictability after multiple playings.

4. Decreasing how fast time passes, but adding the lost time to get to the site.
-So at the moment as i have seen it is approximately taken that you need 1 hour to get to a site and 1 hour back ( night falls at 8 and you start at 9pm at a site, day gets you at 5am and you start at home at 6am.)
-So sites closer could take you only 0.5 hours, while the sites farther away might take you 1.5 or even 2 hours to get to. This also depends on your starting location (if its random like mentioned under 2.).
-This would add a layer of strategic decision making.

5. If you get back sooner then the last minutes, make the character more rested. If you just got on the site, took the first things in a rush and returned in less then 2 hours, make the scavenger not tired. Let him rest the spare time. THis again would add more depth to decision making. And its kinda logical.

6. In the long run we might get different war zones, which have nothing in common with each other in terms of sites, scenarios. Maybe no freedom force or international interference, just end of war.

I'll add additional ideas later in the comments.
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Re: Ideas on improving replayability

Postby zlajo » Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:16 am

7. More chance of catching animals with the trap if put in a room where the humans rarely or never go during the catching period. (bonus to big houses) (this might already be implemented).

Also a big question:

What if you added children as characters? Children would need to get fed like everyone else. They wouldn't be able to craft or guard, nor scavenge alone. They could tag along with the scavenger, adding 2,3 or 4 places for scavenging. Other people would react a bit less aggressive when your out with a kid, but the kid would be vulnerable. A kids deaths would also have grave penalties on the mental state of every survivor. Just an idea. And with that, Cveta might make the child follow quicker and make it have 1 more place to carry (from 2 to 3 for example).
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Re: Ideas on improving replayability

Postby Borys » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:48 am

Thank you for your ideas. :) As always, we read them, we gather them, we compile them with our own ideas and sooner or later some of them will be implemented. You'll see. :)
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Re: Ideas on improving replayability

Postby zlajo » Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:21 pm

Thank you. It is always a good feeling when you know someone has seen it. I know that every idea above is not the best and can be improved, altered or maybe won't fit everyone's views. I only hope it somehow will help with improving an already awesome game.
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