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[SOLVED!] Game unplayable due to massive graphis glitch

[SOLVED!] Game unplayable due to massive graphis glitch

Postby Da Profezzur » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:42 am

Once again, it's a driver problem, but I wasn't gone too deep enough in the reinstall process at first...
I completely removed the nvidia drivers and tools using DDU in safe mode, and then fresh reinstalled the latest Windows 10 driver (not the latest "game ready driver" version !!) and everything is back to normal !!
Maybe this could help others doing the same process to solve black screens, menu display and so on??

Hi !
I own the game for a while (almost since the release) and I had no major issue so far.
Several days ago I wanted to play again to see what new features had been added.
I simply could not play!!

Here's a sreenshot taken from my camera:

WP_20151023_11_03_38_Pro[1].jpg (2.23 MiB) Viewed 3674 times

I got this result just by moving the screen around!
It seems the game cannot run in fullscreen anymore!
It's as if multiple screens remained at the same time and don't refresh.

I run the game on Steam and Windows 10 now. I was with Windows 8.1 before.

I tried a lot of things such as:
- Resinstall the game
- forcing DX9 to install
- forcing the game to run under administrator mode
- using compatibility mode
- disable screen scaling
you name it, nothing works....

The only thing I tried that seems to work is by putting the game in windowed mode.

BUT ! don't try to double click on the window to have it at least occupy the full screen, you get the same result...

Here are my specs:

Intel Core I7 3770 3,5 Ghz
MB: Asus P8Z77-V
8 Go Ram
Asus Ge Force 970
Asus Ge Force 670 (dedicated to PhysX)

I already tried to disable my second graphics card and it doesn't help so far. My other games work, even the old Theme Hospital...

Has the game become such a mess?? what happened??

Anybody help??

Da Profezzur
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