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Cannot Start TWoM - Two Different Computers

Cannot Start TWoM - Two Different Computers

Postby Kiramay » Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:56 am

I've got a Windows 7 64-bit laptop I use for gaming and a newly built desktop with Windows 8.1 64-bit. Can I Run It? says I meet the minimum requirements to run the game, and I meet most of the recommended on both my computers.
I received this is a gift copy from a friend and was so excited to play it, but this game has given me absolutely nothing but trouble and I have no idea what to do, or if I'm doing anything wrong. No other steam game has ever given me trouble like this.
The results have been about the same on both computers. Starting up the game is a fun adventure. It often immediately freezes there in a black screen. Sometimes the music starts playing, but the screen is completely black. From there is it impossible to close out the game. Alt-tabbing results in the computer screen to be resized and the game is unable to be closed out by right clicking or by using task manager (task manager appears to be responsive, but no right-clicking seems to be allowed and it is impossible to select anything to force close it). The game can only be shut down by logging off/shutting down the computer.
For the few times I can make it to the title screen there is absolutely no visible text, it is just the background art and music playing. There sound from where the buttons are supposed to be plays, but no text is visible. I was once able to get it to play by selecting where the starting button should be, but the game was very choppy starting up and was quickly impossible to play without visible text. The game appeared to keep freezing - but I think it might have been starter text pop-ups that I just could not see. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling and verifying integrity of game cache, but nothing seems to change it.
Has anyone else had these issues or know what is happening?
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