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Hotel: Depression after "stealing" from killed hostile thugs

Hotel: Depression after "stealing" from killed hostile thugs

Postby Canadis » Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:38 pm

When I turn hostile to the thugs in the hotel/travelling-agency (which are holding a hostage and are obviously cruel) and loot the place, my characters are depressed, even if I freed the poor hostage (which is why the thugs turned hostile to me in the first place).
That seems really inconsistent.
And: When I do the same thing in the storage building ("Lagerhaus" in german), they are not depressed, nevertheless there are the same "steeling private property"-symbols.

Notable: My survivors have no problem with the killing of the thugs.

Fix that, please =)

P.S.: Same problem occurs in the villa where the thugs/deserters let their hostage starve to death in the basement (obiously they are cruel and vicious).
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Re: Hotel: Depression after "stealing" from killed hostile t

Postby Earis » Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:36 am

This have been happening to me ever since the 1.3 update hit the air.
The thing with the update is you choose which locations you want in your map. Every single location which have two or three different variants defaults in the games morale-system to the 'innocent' variant.
Meaning the Deserters in the Ruined Villa are still deserters, but as soon as you return to loot the place, every single pile belongs to civilians, according to the games morale-logic. The Warehouse (Lagerhaus) only have one variant, the bandits, therefore you can loot to your hearts content.
The Hotel, Ruined Villa, Church, any location with a civilian variant gives a rather big morale-penalty.
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