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Wishlist for next update

Wishlist for next update

Postby Johnvdg » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:47 pm

Congratulations on designing a great game. After playing this addictive game for more hours than I care to count, here are my suggestions for a future update(s):

1. A "Drop All" command for backpack contents would be nice.

2. Equipment should be separate from backpack contents. Wearing a helmet and armor should not count against contents of the backpack. Bullets should either be in the gun or in an ammo belt. On the Preparation screen there could be separate slots for head (helmet), body (vest), weapon/ammo.

3. It would be nice to be able to "use" some items while scavenging (meds and bandages in particular, maybe cigarettes)

4. During the day, it would be helpful to have an option to "Advance Time", perhaps in 1 hour increments. This would speed up slow times when waiting for sleeping people to wake, for example. The "End Day" option doesn't allow a character to add some kindling to the heater before nighttime, or collect moonshine, or take other actions before going to the nighttime screen.

5. Someone should barter fertilizer. Maybe the garage guy, or the food vendor in the Central Square.

6. NPCs should move after standing in one place for an hour. I've had them move in front of my hiding spot and stand there for hours.

7. When scavenge locations are closed due to fighting or snow, there should be a little more variety over several nights. A couple games I had fully cleaned out the few open locations and had no where to go when 10 locations were closed for four nights.

8. Great job having multiple scenarios for the same location. Adding a bit more randomness to the scripted NPC behavior would be appreciated (the NPCs tend to be predictable after playing a few times), and new scenarios would improve re-playability. The game is much more challenging when you don't know exactly what an NPC will do.

9. A "Help" screen would be nice to explain what the various icons mean or do, and for mouse commands. Most of them were fairly obvious to me, but I can imagine people who haven't played much not knowing what the icons mean. I'm still not sure what the combat icon that looks like someone pointing through a door means. Likewise double clicking to run isn't obvious (I found it by accident) and right clicking to move an inventory group I only found out by reading some of the comments in this forum.
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Re: Wishlist for next update

Postby Canadis » Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:19 pm

All support for

2. (I questioned me the same. Why do my helmets block my backpack? Weapons my lie in there until I take them in my hands, but used armor or helmets?)

3. (especially the bandages)

4. (But maybe they want you to feel this "I have to sit here and doing nothing because of the war"-feeling)

6. (absolutely. why is anyone standing in fornt of my hiding spot for about 6 hours for no reason?)
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