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Ruined Villa - the Flying Woman + Sounds of Clock Bug

Ruined Villa - the Flying Woman + Sounds of Clock Bug

Postby baron026 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:29 pm

So, I played in Ruined Villa with 'love couple' scenario, where the man (whose wife already deceased) will go hostile if his new partner see us and run to his bed asking for help.

(This picture below is not the actual screenshot as it happens really fast and I don't react fast to capture it)

So I was walking from the front door and scavenged the table in green area, when the woman walked and saw me at yellow position. The correct path should be the blue one, running to other room to reach the stair and go to her partner bedroom just upside of her current position. But instead she is flying (with running animation facing to the left) through the red path.


One more bug I found is, if I 'leave' the game when there is a sounds of clock (the sound effect at the end of daytime or nighttime). The clock sound will keep running, even when I continue my game or make new game/another try. I could only stop it by closing the game. And it always happen, not just for 1-2 times.
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