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bug while making alcohol

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:11 am
by ksdx
Hi everyone!

There's a bug in the process of making pure alcohol. If i start to make pure alcohol and the night comes before the end of the process, i can have the same amount of pure alcohol in the next day even if i took some of the alcohols to trade in the night. I don't know if i make myself clear but here is the steps:

1. I had 2 moonshines and start to make 4 pure alcohols at 6:50 pm for instance.
2. When the night comes, only 1 bottle of alcohol was made (i can't remeber if the time of make alcohol is 1 hour but i'm assuming this).
3. I took this bottle of alcohol to trade in some location.
4. When i come back, the alcohol distiller has not finished to make the bottles of alcohol. When someone restart the process, 4 bottles of alcohol are made instead of 3 (4 bottles of the start less 1 bottle that i trade).

That's it. Thank you and congratulation for the awesome game.