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Another 3 bugs in v1.2

Another 3 bugs in v1.2

Postby howlingghost » Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:18 am

Hi peers and admins,

Last night I found another 2 bugs in v1.2:
1. One night Marko became broken for killing a bandit in Warehouse, so I sent Emilia to talk to him after his return, and the comfort worked. At the next night Marko went Warehouse again. When I was searching in the basement, there was a line of words in the next room, saying: "Marko, I can see you're down." That was scary! I thought it was from a ghost of the one I killed last night!

2.One day someone came to our house for help. Emilia answered the door but I preferred Bruno to go with the stranger, so I chose "give me a second" and pick Bruno to talk to the stranger. After work had done, Bruno ran to her and said "Yes". A Miracle happened: Emilia left firstly, but the stranger still was at the door...
As I don't know Emilia's capability, so her leave was not a big loss to me. Bruno talked to the stranger again and still said yes to her, and then he left with her (came back the next day). It seems I find a new way to get rid of members we don't like?

3.Marko died suddenly when he reached the next point at 4:30 am with no negative effects on him. This happened in the Church, when the priest was still alive. It was supposed to be "Marko is back", but dramatically, it turned to: "Marko died"...I don't know...Is it the curse from the priest?
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Re: Another 3 bugs in v1.2

Postby MrCastello » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:49 am

That first bug made my day, thanks for reporting it but bigger props to 11bit Studios :lol:
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