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Game crashes by inventory

Game crashes by inventory

Postby ChiellieNL » Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:14 pm


I'm running the game on Mac OS X.
My game crashes frequently and I'm convinced the bug can be found within the backpack/inventory action.

Either when trading at the door in daytime, or scavenging anywhere on nighttime and in the mode wherein I'm looking at the contents of my backpack, it seems now and then I'm clicking too fast for the game to handle. When I place my mouse pointer at an item and start clicking to transfer all of them for example, the game will crash when I click too fast.

Same happens when I want to drop the full contents of my backpack on the ground and therefor just keep clicking on the top left square until the full backpack is empty.
It would be nice to have a 'drop all' button just like the 'grab all' button
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