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Text is too Small/Font is Difficult to Read

Text is too Small/Font is Difficult to Read

Postby Lovidion » Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:23 pm


TWoM is a fantastic game from what I can tell. Unfortunately, I've been having a tough time playing it. Much of the text in the game is too small for me to read. The character cards are the biggest offenders here. So I am unable to see if Bruno is 'slightly sick", "Hungry", etc. The font for the area descriptions at night are a bit rough too, but bearable.

I've played with the resolution, setting it to the lowest it will go and it really doesn't seem to affect the text size very much. I've seen several posts on steam about this, but not too many here. So I figured I'd bring up the issue again in case the devs aren't aware of it.

Probably a small thing to a lot of people. But for those with visual impairments or who play a few feet from the screen this is a pretty game-breaking issue. A fix would be appreciated.
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