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Supermarket glitch: no canned food allowed

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:56 am
by suspectations
On five separate occasions the game has crashed while I was scavenging in the supermarket. 3 times I was playing as Roman and 2 times I was playing as Arica. The first three times I had Roman walking around in the basement of the supermarket, and when he opened up the barrels in the rightmost room and I try to grab the items, the game crashes. The next two times were once with Arica in the same barrels and once with Arica in the rightmost room on the ground floor, digging around in a chest. Each time the game has crashed I had previously gotten a can of food from the top floor, and when I opened the offending container in the above locations it had a pack of bandages and a can of food. I can pick up the bandages, but each time I tried to get the canned food the game crashed on me.

Thanks for reading this! I do love the game otherwise, and hope this glitch is easy to fix.