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Spacecom on iOS and Android - congratulations!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:40 am
by bromstarzan
Good to see it's open for the other platforms. I might consider a copy for my iOS.

Question: is there an in-game "Save"-funktion implemented for iOS?

I know 11bit hasn't added it to the PC desktop version yet (and thats why I do not play, or recommend, it anymore).
Will there ever be a mid-save? Sadly, Spacecom is now a Porsche with a Volkswagen engine. Hope you find the inspiration to patch up Spacecom or consider a Spacecom 2 based on some of the feedback. It is an outstanding game in its core, just need a little more love. It could become a true classic (on par with Frozen Synapse) if only elevated one more notch.

Thanks for reading,