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EXCEL This War of Mine

EXCEL This War of Mine

Postby Svalin » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:10 pm

Hi there
English is not my native language

First of all thanks to Heith for her support and confidence, and to DAM (Dante Amor) for his VBA knowledge in order to modify macros

Link: Excel 'This War of Mine'
If any of you use this Excel and find any mistake, have a suggest or whatever, please tell me through this post or my e-mail (, or even through my Steam account: (My name is Svalin, I have a wolf cub as avatar). If you want to help in order to translate this Excel to your own language, your help will be welcome. Excel has been created using Microsoft Excel Professional Plus 2016, so you could have problems with olders versions. Now I will insert a few images as users guide

Starting considerations
There are 2 folders in the compressed file

One of them is called 'Fuentes', and includes the typography used in Excel. Probably you won't have them installed, so in order to see the Excel file properly move them to your 'Fonts' folder within 'Windows' (path will change depending on your O.S. version)

The other one is called 'Personajes' and it must be always in the same folder of the Excel file, cause macros use this folder as a path to show images. Delete it or move it to a different place will cause that Excel won't show them



When you open the Excel file a security alert will pop up. It's the typical Excel warning that alert us about a potentialy dangerous content. Click on 'Habilitar contenido' (Don't know how it shows in english) for the correct visualization of the file



In Excel you can change the way cells are shown. To make it more friendly you can remove the alphanumeric values of all cells. You can do this going to 'Diseñor de la página' ('Page Design' or something like that in english) and unselect the square marked in the screenshot

CHARACTERS (Personajes)


In 'Personajes' sheet (Characters) there are 4 authorised cells to choose those survivor we are playing with. Minimum is 1, maximum 4, so we have enough space for the complete group. By clicking on the marked cells a pull-down menu will show where we can choose who of them we have. When we do this, his/her image will load and valuable aditional information will be add about the character

PLANIING THE NIGHT (Planificar la noche)


In 'Planificar la noche' sheet there are 2 authorised cells. The first one is the map zone and will open a pull-down menu to choose between different locations. By doing this, again valuable information will be shown about that place, as well as a brief description. The second one is the 'Notas' page, where we can write about things we don't want to forget, how many materials are in each location, how many left, or how many we need of each type



'Taller', 'Taller de metal', 'Otros 1', 'Otros 2' y 'Otros 3' sheets share the same usage system. There are no authorised sells, but all the images are interactive. By clicking on them a brief description will show, as well as a list of materials we need to craft it. In case that we want to delete all that information, just click on the unbox icon in the left down corner. Orange numbers means how many materials we need to craft that item. White numbers means how many materials we already have of that kind

Marin and Bruno has been added to those sheets. So if you have selected any of them in 'Personajes' (Characters) sheet, materials needed for each item will be automatically changed to the new values

OUR THINGS (Nuestras cosas)


The most interactive sheet. In 'Nuestras cosas' we click on authorised cells to change each item number. If we want to add 20 Components just click on the cell under Component icon and change its value. This new value will be shown in the other workshop sheets, and will guide us to easily calculate how many items of each king we need, as well as a complete list of our posessions
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