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replayability and improvements

replayability and improvements

Postby zlajo » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:56 pm

So i have been enjoying this game, when it came out, and after a break again now. Tho often i feel as if some things repeat too often. So these are some things that could help with that.


The main features that keep the game fresh for a while are the random characters, locations, resources and lastly the randomized events. Based on them you can and should play/plan the game differently depending with what you get or are hit. These changes could further improve this:

1. Shelters:

Currently the 2 different shelters are the same, just differ in looks. While the looks are refreshing, it would be even better if different shelters have different advantages. Example:

-The shelter with the tree-house has a garden, but also a back door. The advantage of this shelter could be that you could make an outside garden, being a lot cheaper version then the inside herbal garden. But the disadvantage could be that you need to build 2 reinforced doors and that it has one extra crack to patch.

-On the other hand a third smaller shelter could be made. It's advantages would be that it has only 2 cracks, and that it would be much easier to warm up by the heater. The down side would be that you have far more limited space to build stuff and catching small animals in traps would take longer (as a crowded place would make it less likely a small animal would dare to come).

I'm sure you guys will have tons of ideas on this, so i won't make this unreadable long, just wanted to share my orientation of thought.

2. Community creations:

There is a good amount of locations, but there could be more for the players that really get into this game and have passed every location multiple times. While i can understand that you cannot make as much as the hardcore players play, making something like a TWOM map creator for the community would help a lot. This could get organized like this:

Maps from the TWOM developers- marked as "original"
Maps from the community- marked as "custom community creation" or CCC

-You could pick 1-5 maps each month from the CCC maps that you find balanced and well versed to fit in the game and mark them as "Developers choice".

Players could get an option before starting a new game to:
-Include only original
-Include original and developers choice (that they have downloaded)
-Include original, developers choice and all other CCC (that they have downloaded)

When managing maps players could get an option to:
-Delete all CCC maps
-Delete all CCC maps that are not developers choice
-or just delete them manually one by one.
-filter developers choice or non developers choice CCC maps

This would really help to keep the game fresh and very much replayable for almost always. In my opinion it's great to enrich the game with the community's will and creativity .

3. Events:

-Shelling: like the shelling event at the hospital, your shelter might get shelled, destroying a room and everything that is in it.

-Shellings could get reported in the radio ( like south, east, west, north of the town). That way you could prepare if your shelter gets shelled, or get to know if some location gets shelled. It indicates that the location has changed and that it might have some new things to loot that would previous be considered stolen.

-This could actually get made by improving the radio to a second tier. This way you would not hear it from the news, but instead you would be able to tune into the military frequency.

-If it's the "tuning into military frequency" you could hear upfront 2/3 days if there will be fighting (closed areas), where the shelling will be or what they need the most ( alcohol, cigars or something else) or some other messages (open to ideas).

Rain-Rain could have an extra effect.

-It could make all sounds more dim when scavenging. You are harder to hear, but you start hearing people from smaller distances.

-Being out in the rain for longer periods of time while scavenging might increase the chance of getting sick.

-Rain might increase the filter production (by 1 or 2 for example)

-If an outdoor garden is made in the tree house shelter, then the production would speed up. ( snow would stop the production of the outdoor garden).

Mist- could reduce the vision range of you and npc's ( only outdoor places. For example the whole construction site would be misty, but only the front outdoor part of the brothel).

-mist, rain or sunny could be included in the weather forecast.

-winter- might make snow piles that require a shovel to clear fast and get through.



At the moment in the workshop you have an good amount of options to adjust the winter to a wanting degree of difficulty. Would be great if the crime outbreak and the scavenging event would have the same options of adjustment like the winter has.


trait: Construction worker- 12-14 slots. Clears rubble faster, with and without shovel. Opens anything faster with a crowbar. Saws faster through metal bars. Cuts faster with a hatchet. Pick lock takes longer. All of the previous actions are louder.

COOP- I know everybody wishes for this, so i won't say anything, except that i would gladly pay again for an expansion where coop would be present ( and ofcourse with new things added, maybe something from above :)

I hope the devs will read through this and give me a sign that they've seen it. Thank you in advance!
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Re: replayability and improvements

Postby madooeiei » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:41 am

instead you would be able to tune into the military frequency.
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