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Stealing from criminals

Stealing from criminals

Postby Vector » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:39 am

Dear Developers,

I enjoy your game immensely and I think that it is one of the best indie games ever.
But there is an annoying bug that appeared after the "write your own story update".
In previous versions stealing from criminals, deserters and soldiers from the Outpost was completely morally acceptable.
Now, every time one of the characters takes anything from containers marked as "private property" the entire party each day starts to nag that they are "no better than looters" as if I was stealing from innocent civilians or traders.

This happens on following maps:
1. Ruined Villa ("Soldiers" scenario);
2. Brothel;
3. Hotel ("Bandits" scenario);
4. Small apartment building ("Bandits" scenario).

Warehouse, Military Outpost and Construction Site don't seem to have this issue and work as intended.

Usually I kill all hostiles on these maps with Roman and loot everything next day with Boris. It was rather dissapointing to see bad ending for Boris (since he was the one doing all the "stealing") after a perfectly "good" 80-day run (all the other characters got best endings).

P.S. Was a bit surprised to see how you fixed the issue with "broken assault rifle" icon. Instead of replacing a disassembled Thompson SMG with a disassembled AK (which would be logical, since characters clearly use an AK variant) you fixed it the other way around and "Assault Rifle" is represented now with a M1A1 Thompson.

P.P.S. Also, why you used AK-74 on the loading screens? It would be much more accurate to use Zastava M70 or any other Warsaw Pact AK variant (even the good old AKM would be more plausible). It's not very likely to see AK-74 outside of Russia really. But that's a gun nerd in me speaking. :)
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