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Some Ideas I've been thinking about.

Some Ideas I've been thinking about.

Postby SkezZHD » Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:10 pm

So I've been thinking of a few ideas that could make This War of Mine alot better, atleast in my opinion of course there's always others that likes other things but either way.
My idea is that when you go on one of your characters and you either kill or rob someone, everyone in your compound automatically knows about what you did, and what I think could become better is that if you either kill or rob someone that person that did it have a choise of saying it or keeping quiet about it, but if he keeps quiet about it depending on that characters personality he can grow worse and worse with his mental status, as in grow more and more depressed/sad and so on, and by killing someone it should of course make him feel worse then if he robbed someone as in if he robbed someone he can forget about it pretty quickly but if he robs someone and the people he robbed from dies he will feel guilty, but if the survivor keeps quiet about it, it will grow more and more visible for everyone else that he feels worse, and worse and after a while it makes the other survivors wonder what happened and so on.

But another thing is that if you do kill someone from another group, I think that you have a chance of getting raided by those people if they find out you killed one of their members or robbed them, and depending on the group they either decide to kill your characters, injure them or just steal from them and probably beat the shit out of them like raiders pretty much, but the different groups you raid/kill from if they raid you, depending on the group and what they have and so on, their raiding may be alot worse then a normal bandit raid, such as if you rob or kill someone in the military, you're pretty much fucked unless you killed all their witnesses.

Also I was thinking about another smaller thing, if someone dies on a run I also think that the survivors in your group shouldnt automatically know about it unless they come up on their body in the place they died at, but if you do so and find your friend dead it also gives you an option to talk about it or just stay quiet about it, thats up for the player to decide as if you talk about it everyone probably will become sad or depressed and if you dont talk about it sure, the one person knowing about it will feel alot worse. But if someone keeps quiet about either their friend being dead or about killing/robbing someone for a while, it makes the other survivors doubt that person if they can trust him or not, and the less they trust him the more fighting can get involved, and also the others in the group may want to kick him out due to not feeling safe around him or trusting him.

Thats all I thought of right now, I hope you like it and thanks for your time. :)
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Re: Some Ideas I've been thinking about.

Postby zakalus » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:56 pm

I was thinking about how is not the water the most important thing in the game, I know you can die if you don´t eat, but you will die if you don´t drink in 3 days max 4.....So, I see sometimes in the game is raining and you have the water tanks.....It will be very good idea to create this water tanks in the roof or the last floor to make full the tank with the rain. And talking about the the people you control in this game, if they put with "hungry", I will be very very successful it they put aswel "thirsty" "very thirsthy" "dehydrated".
I know the game will be more difficult but the water is very important in that situation. we can craft bottles of water for keep the water safe.
Other thing and this is for the winter, if you can craft lot of thing with all of they, Why you can´t craft some clothes?
is good aswell if not all people can´t create all the suff you have in the bench, people don´t now about create radios or walls for make the house more thing, is very difficult craft all that thing with out a schema.....find this schema and you´ll know what you have to do to create anything. thanks......and my personal opinion, couple of days I bben talking with a gentleman, he is 85 and he remember everything about the spanish civil war, he tell me his own mother said, if you see, you have an opportunity to stell something, a potatoe, apples, whaterver, start to run, and I will met you in the tranin station, don´t follow me when you steal something. other this this man said it was.....the pawnshop, one day couple of people go inside to steal I now why in the game we have some jewels
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