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Custom Character Integration

Custom Character Integration

Postby VON » Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:11 pm

Dear 11 Bit Studios,

It has been a while! I hope that you are all doing well.

As the title may suggest, I was wondering if you had thought about integrating the custom characters into the pool of survivors that appear at the door. I haven't seen anything suggesting that this is already the case, so I feel that it might be an interesting addition. Perhaps a random name is assigned to a character, and then that character randomly gets one the new roles. This, I feel, will allow for greater variety in the survivors, whilst still retaining the idea that they are not one character, such as the named survivors.

By extension, perhaps it would also be interesting to be able to randomise custom characters, as an alternative to selecting them and altering them. This could also introduce the idea of random afflictions (Smoker etc.), as to make them more varied characters. Another post mentioned this as a 'problem', and whilst I don't think of it as an issue, I believe that it would be a good subtlety to have.

Regardless, I hope you have a good day...and it feels good to be playing again! :)

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