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need some tips

need some tips

Postby misterdean » Wed May 27, 2015 4:37 am

i had to start over too many times. i need some tips.

my biggest problem is food. i always skip a day after seeing "hungry" status. building the upgraded stove is always a priority. but i am still running out of food faster than i can find it. should i be letting the survivors hit very hungry or starving before i feed them? after i have beds and stove should i not build anything else until i have enough materials for the rat trap and garden?

i heard after you scavenge a location anything left can be taken by looters. after hearing this i have been going back to the same location the next night to pick up what was left behind. should i be doing this until i have taken 80-90% of the materials or should i immediately hit a new location?

should i help or ignore people that come to my door? i helped somebody once but did not gain anything for my effort so i have been ignoring them and not opening the door at all except for trading.

should i allow a 4th survivor to stay at the house? i did once but ran out of food quick. i also don't need 4 people to do chores around the house. the only benefit i see is an extra person to guard at night. but with two people on guard and 2 weapons in the house i never get hurt or lose materials.

is the radio worth the materials? i know it tells you about whats going on with the war but it seems like a hassle and i never check it. i built it to help the survivors mood but i have never see them using it. will it actually bring somebody out of sad or depressed status?
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Re: need some tips

Postby VON » Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:01 pm

Hello! Allow me to divulge some of the things that I have learnt from playing.

With regards to food, and by extension any status, the first stage (Hungry, Sad, Slightly Sick, Slightly Wounded, Tired) isn't really a problem - the characters will simply complain. So, what I tend to do is prepare the necessary meals for my people, and then wait until they hit 'Very Hungry'. By eating then, they are put up to 'Hungry' for two days. Also, preparing the food in advance stops it from being stolen by raids, so that is also a benefit.

With regards to scavenging, I've found that it isn't necessarily the case that stuff is taken from a location, but rather less stuff appears in other locations. So, for example, the first place you scavenge is likely to be filled with good things, but in other areas it would appear that there is significantly less. So, unless there are actual looters on the map, I think your loot is safe.

With regards to housing, I find that it is nearly always a good thing to help people at your door, as in the longer run they may come back and give you rewards. However I feel that it should only be done if you are confident that your remaining people will cope, and if you have manpower or items to spare. On this subject, inviting other survivors to stay should only be done if you feel that you can maintain the food supply when they are there. Furthermore, it is likely that they will need some item upon induction (Medicine, Bandage, Food or Sleep), so they may pose a trouble to begin with. From personal experience, I had to intentionally kill one survivor, as he was to detremental to my other people. It wasn't nice, but I wouldn't have finished that game without killing him.

Aaaand finally, I think that building a Radio at some point in the early game does indeed help, as you can see the upcoming events (Crime Outbreak, Winter, End Game) sooner than without the Radio. Also, there are some cases where a station will inform about prices of various commodities (Coffee, Vegetables, Cigarettes), and that can be useful when Franko comes by your house.

I hope that this helps, and isn't too long! :lol:

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