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Some TWOM Suggestions

Some TWOM Suggestions

Postby Lewk » Sat May 09, 2015 5:29 am

I wanted to see more from the game, and here are some of the suggestions that might come in handy, or taken for consideration. This might be abit long list though :D

1. Weather changes/effects
* (sunny, rainy, windy, stormy, etc.)

2. Children / family related members
* (ability to adopt them, and be playable characters also. Would be handy for Cveta's role)

3. Customized items
* (books, liquors, and other stuffs. should be entitled like Harry Potter, Spirit, etc. Boosts character's trait if they found what they were looking for, or if it's their favorite.)

4. Guard Mode: Staying for the night
* (if raids occur, we could personally guard the shelter, rather than waiting for the next day and seeing the results.)

5. Additional combat items
* (Including forks, broken scissors or items that can be possibly found or made.)

6. Ability to move items in the shelter
* (like the beds, stove, trap for small animals, etc.)

7. Additional scavenging locations
* (for example: Shelled apartment, cemetery, museum, looted library, abandoned condominium, thrift shop, occupied ammunition store, etc.)

8. Special events during scavenging
* (getting shelled, sudden robbery, getting sick, people begging, more traders, asking for help, etc.)

9. Furniture customization
* (like changing the bed sheets, colouring the walls, etc.)

10. Character customization
* (changing character's in-game clothing appearances like shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, sandals, etc. that can be found or scavenged)

11. More Special events in-shelter

12. Backpack expansion

13. Eat - able items
* (including fruits, candies, junk foods, etc.)

13. Radio customization
* (International channel, more music soundtracks like Pop, Rock/Metal. Different in-town activities, town's boarder updates, etc.)

14. Ability to equip transportation or vehicles
* (bicycles, motor, shopping cart, car, tank, etc.)

15. Mastering skills
* (learning to use materials less, improvised combat mode, good cooking, better shooting, etc.)

16. Character charts
* (a simple chart showing a character's strength, mental state, agility, shooting, stealth, etc.)

17. Character comparison chart
* (comparing one character to another, just like #16)

18. Ability to scavenge with 2 or more players

19. Different scenarios with different characters
* (like the military outpost gets abandoned, quiet house becomes armed by thugs, etc.)

20. NPCs and Locations Bug Fixes
* (including after feeding the hungry man with food, does not show anything else. or even with other NPCs in game that have bugs)

21. Guarding places/items
* (putting locks on cabinets with items, locking doors, adding a huge rub of pile on an important location, etc.)

22. More household items
* (putting light bulbs, more instrumental stuffs, shelves, tables, cabinets, trap for big animals, etc.)

23. Another '' Our Shelter '' Location
* (in a more secluded place, or a place near dangerous thugs or something)

24. More recipes in the stove
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