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Multiplayer potential

Multiplayer potential

Postby Kilm » Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:06 pm

So probably been asked but the 'search' function wont let me search using the word multiplayer.

Has this been considered? Is it planned?

A friend and I were chatting and came up with this:

Two player game, one player hosts.

You both control one character, starting with the usual three characters.

You have a simple switch to change control of the third character between the players.

VOIP so you can talk with your friend and plan.

You would carry out tasks during the day as normal, but at night you would need to decide who does what.

Do you both go and scavenge? This could be individual instanced scavenges for ease - so you can't scavenge the same building together. Imagine being given a list of things to get and not managing to find the food you so badly needed - coming back empty handed. Imagine finishing your own scavenge to come back and wait.... and wait.. but your friend never comes home again.

Or you're left on guard, and you get hit badly by a gang of looters, losing all your hard won supplies. Imagine explaining to your friend when they come back from their scavenge that you let them down.

Imagine being injured and having to lie in bed and wait whilst your friend does all the work. What a burden you would feel....

Is there any chat at all about MP?
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Re: Multiplayer potential

Postby sarke04 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:38 pm

I opened a post about it few months ago one had the idea of being 2 players per shelter up 2 max 2 chars each.
Even talking about some interaction you could have between players having some diferent shelters in a multiplayer game.
A bit increased resources in the map but some dif shelters to share them trying to survive to the long war.
I cant remember the whole idea right now but it had like 3 diferent modes. Co-op where u and 1 friend simply share the same shelter but the game is the same than single player one.
Survival, that is the one i were talking about before. where u can find other players even scavenging at night and even i tought u could visit with 1 char another player shelter in daytime to trade or even to atack them. But u can imagine that atack with 1 guy a 4 guys 2 players shelter looks quite hard. especially if u have those holes to hide inside ur own house and some other traps that could b added. And also most of the players cares about their chars enought to dont send them for any suicide mision.
Dunno where is the post talking about it. But i guess that can give u the idea i were talking about. Anyway this one could b the post to improve the idea so im gonna look for that old post and add it here cos i barely remember what i writed.
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Re: Multiplayer potential

Postby sarke04 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:42 pm

Here is the link.
Anyway im reading about it right now and i think my idea could b easily improved.
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