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Yet another wish list. Before the patch arrives

Yet another wish list. Before the patch arrives

Postby ruzen » Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:54 pm

:o wow. I was accually giving up on updated because I stoped playing because I wanted to play with longer war.

about ideas and I think you guys could add this little thing in a minute. After the winter we could still have snow as an item in inventory. It should have been deleted. Also about adding more challange there could be rare close bombings which makes sleeping survivors wake up. Rises up coffee, smoke useage. Also after attacks we could try to repair some broken walls or fortification.

The thing about "day time" can be mixed up with events (not like people coming or going) more like "positive or negative buffs" wich cought our people off gouard.
For ex:
*Nearby combat, bombing (makes then wake up time to time, etc...)
*Heavy raining (faster gaining water)
Beside those there can be implement with more challanges with current mechanichs.

*It's kinda odd that trader waits all day behind door. It should wait only 1-2 hours. After that one character could try small talk with him and makes him wait 3-4 more hours. Because with current state Its expolitable with making more stuff and then trade with him. Maybe It can be traint as well? to make him wait all day with "chitchater" traint(?) I dunno.

*Scars and brusers could happen when digging with hands.

*and character needs could be more harsh because If group doesnt think a persons smoke needs is important and doesnt bring "the stuff", he/she could get very angry or maybe abandons the group with the others acted,etc... (and ofcourse with taking some stuff:)
also some features

*Backpacks is a needed very much needed!
*Bringing of a dead friend to properly burry.
*longer and endless war challange.
*turning on/off the icons.

...and lastly some experimental ideas

*Surrender option with %chance and rescue operation(?)
*using radio attracts the raiders but radios give very very much usefull information?
*local co-op with 2 members going to scavenge together.
*If possiable endless war challange, leaderboards.

Hope to see that patch soon because I've waited for that too long :)
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Re: Yet another wish list. Before the patch arrives

Postby ScubaSteve3465 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:18 pm

Some nice ideas here hopefully some make it into the next update, if there is one.
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Re: Yet another wish list. Before the patch arrives

Postby sarke04 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:08 am

Im still thinking the best upgrade whould b add electricity as a resource and a electricist char.
But also there r some good ideas i remember right now like...
Add some barbed wire in some scenarios and a tool to get trough them or even dig with the shovel to the other side
Add children chars that also gives cveta a reason to be.
Get some daytime events apart from the guy who come to sell stuff
Add some kind of multiplayer or co-op system (wich is the hardest one off all those)
Add kidnaped as status if u get out late from the scenario u r in wich could even end in a daytime event.
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