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Character Data Scavenger Hunt

Character Data Scavenger Hunt

Postby VON » Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:24 pm

Greetings Internet!

So, straight to the task at hand. This War of Mine has been out for a good couple of months now, and I have noticed (through repeated use :lol: ) that the games Wikipedia-esque websites seem to be fairly incomplete, with respect to the characters. So, I propose that the idea that it may be a good time to gather up the knowledge on the current characters.

To clarify, I mean to suggest that data such as characters stories, and various endings ought to be compiled. Furthermore, characteristics such as resistance to sadness, reactions to events and, more broadly, the extent of their abilities, I feel are still somewhat unknown, aside from the fairly obvious traits (Good Cooking, Skilled Scavenger etc.) An example would be Cveta's trait - Loves Children, which I have found to have no easily identifiable bonus as of version 1.2.

So, I would like to ask that, if people are willing to do so, perhaps data on the characters could be posted onto this topic as a reply, so that people can finally learn the ins and outs of the characters. I'd like to ask that there be a source for anything posted, be it a playthrough, or simply a copy-paste from the Wikis, so that the posts can be agreed upon or argued against, until a conclusion is found, or gotten closer to.

And with that, I wish the internet a good day!


P.S. *whispers* Or, you know, a particular member *coughBoryscough* of the forums could feasibly 'drop' all of the data completely by accident, and have it 'co-incidentally' land in this topic, but whoever could have access to such information? */whisper*
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Re: Character Data Scavenger Hunt

Postby Borys » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:22 am

<faint hissing voice coming from around a corner of some sort>
... if someone accidentaly revealed such fragile parts of game's mechanics, it would take away all the designers' fun of watching how players discover the game on their own and make assumptions that are either right or interesting or even funny. Nah... that would be a terrible accident...
</faint hissing voice out>

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