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Zombie Mod

Zombie Mod

Postby jdvu1102 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 1:49 am

I was thinking that This War of Mine would be a great platform to have a zombie themed DLC for. The Day and Night system would stay the same, nothing would change to crafting or creating, soldier and civilians could still be present, but instead of a total war being the situation that traps survivors in the city, it could be similar to The Walking Dead. Survivors would have to frequently encounter zombies during scavenging runs and fight them as well as other survivors. I think it'd add a new fun dynamic and vary up the game. Zombies A.I. could just be modeled as other survivors (the game's art makes it so the character models are dark so no drastic new models would be needed for zombies) that walk towards the player instead of run. Maybe some new events could happen as well.
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Re: Zombie Mod

Postby Ghost13 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:48 pm

I think the game try to go as far as possible from Zombies topic. Also there is no new mechanic for the game. Well if you push yes, it is probably possible, fill the levels with unarmed zombies that can bite you and you eventually die as normal bandages and medicines will not work. But do we really need this? The main change of the gameplay would be dialogues and few other things, I feel the game is good as it is. We don't need any zombies for it.

But for the sake of discussion thats why we need mod support. So there would be zombie mod or anything else fans can figure out with the game.
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