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Reqest for Mod support

Reqest for Mod support

Postby Ghost13 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:10 pm

I think I will express most people opinion that this game really needs mod support. There are so many ideas for characters, resources, story lines, art assets, dialogues floating around that are simply impossible for the dev team to deal with. So let the people to change game to their liking. If you look at Kerbal Space Program another brilliant indie project, it community depends heavily on mods. Someone wants to make their characters to eat sugar it sound relatively simple and reasonable but for you its days of testing. I want add the prostitution to the game, but for you it’s a mess with game PEGI rating and other things. Most players want to add their own characters into the game. Someone want to make game harder, someone wants to make it easier. So just let people make plug-ins or release SDK kit for the game (disabling the achievements) and let them create their own characters, resources, weapons, NPC, maybe even new locations the game is 2D so if there is a map editor there is a fairly easy to build the new levels from the existing content, it will give the game life for years. You can then pick up the best mods and just incorporate them into the official game build if you like. Otherwise the public interest will drop in next few months just like it happened with The Swapper really good indie puzzle game but without new puzzles there is no reason to play the game again, same with TWOM after you learned locations, learned the survival basics there is not really much left to do in the game unless there is a constant flow of new content that is simply impossible for the small dev company like you are to cope with.
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