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A few suggestions

A few suggestions

Postby CaptainCosmotic » Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:25 pm

First: Your game is awesome, thrilling, genius, brilliant. I love it. Thank you so much

Now after comleting the game a few times, i think its time to share my thoughts:

(I use the german version so maybe i use some wrong item names)

1. Even if you are planing to add a lot of new things to the game, please don't go too complex. I love the simplicity. I dont need more weapons for example. I don't need two knifes which do almost the same. I like the fact that you only have so few weapons. It provides a very good balance and force me to master these weapons.
2.I think the Shovel and the Crowbar and the Axe sholud be indestructible. If they break its only annoing. It doesn't add value to the tactics in the game. Make them a little more expensive but make them indestructible. It's also more realistic. A good Axe lasts more than 20 years.
3. Let us fast forwad the time till 2 o clock. Then you can put your second "shift" to sleep.
4. Let the tasks continue when you "skip" time.
5. Making cigarrets is so time intensive. Please reduce the time to 0,5h/4 cigarrets
6. Make the Waterfilter cheaper. I think 2 Components instead of 3 would balance the game a lot.(A level 2 Collector would be nice) Water beeing so expensive make some producting circles very bad. Growing 8 vegetables for example costs 20 Water wich is 15 Components + two Meat (for fertilizer) + All the construction cost for the Herbal Garden on level 2. I often complete the game without building the Herbal Garden. Making water cheaper would make the game more easy so maybe you can make other things more expensive.
7. Let us stack 2 bottles of moonshine. Its such a waste of inventory
8. Let the heater only go empty at the morning (maybe 10:00) so we dont't need to wait till the evening just to fill the heater.
9. Let a body armor and a helmet increase the defence of the house(i dont't know if it alredy is implemented)
10. During the time when all Wood and all parts dissapear from the scavanging spots due to the "hard time of the war", they dissapear also from "hard to reach places" Its frustrating if i use a saw and a crowbar and a shovel just to see that there are no leftovers. (How should someone loot there before?)
12. To make the game more difficult (a lot of post in this forum want i higher difficulty impemented) I suggest a version where you can't sell Medics. It's the easyest way to complete the game by focusing on medics and sell all of them in the early game for parts and wood. (Another option is, that you cant find medics while looting, so you always have to buy or craft them)

Sorry for my struggle with some sentences. I'am german

Thx a lot and have a nice time
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