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I'm sad now... jk jk awesome game

I'm sad now... jk jk awesome game

Postby TedTheBear » Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:41 pm

Hi I'm not Ted here's my opinion to the game

I think this game is awesome and I had a lot of fun playing it but now I did 4 survive attempts and I acutally survived all of them, so maybe the game is a bit too easy? Well anyway after my 4 runs I've nearly done everything what you can do and I'm kinda bored and sad now because I have nothing to do in this awesome game :cry: . And right now I'm hoping for a new Update so I have a replay reason. :? :D

And here some ideas what you guys could implement (Of course not everything) :P

- More Characters
    - Possibility to make your own character

- More City variety
    - Exrta Buildings to loot
    - Bigger cities
    - Different cities
    - Combined cities, example: You are living in city A and there are 2 cities nearby B & C. And you're able to switch around in them in the night menu to go and loot them. + All cities have different difficulties A - Easy, B - Medium, C - Hard

- Difficulties
    - Easy -> A lot of everything
    - Medium -> Less food, supplies etc.
    - Hard -> Enemys are now harder to kill if your survivor isn't combat trained and there is nearly no food and supplies to find in the easy buildings

- New starting houses
At different locations, sizes, shapes, destruction...

- More stuff to build:

    - Small safes with a limited space for the very valuable stuff
    - Simple alarm systems to wake up the sleeping survivors
    - Sofas to sleep on
    - Fix holes in wall/floor
    - Resting fire with some crates around it where the survivor sit and talk to deflect from war and make them a bit happier

Weapons ->
    - Baseball bat with nails in it
    - Traps for bandits
    - Self made Bow/Crossbow
    - Spear (Maybe with extra range for this kind of melee weapon)
    - Stunnig arrows for the Bow/Crossbow wich immobilizes the person for the rest of the loot run
    - Special wire to kill the enemy without a noise
    - Homemade Firearm

    - Upgrade weapons so they're more accurate
    - Upgrade Melee weapons so they're even more deadly

- Gamemodes
    - Infinit (Endless surviving as long as you can + maybe a ranking system on that)
    - Short War (20-30 Days)
    - Medium War (30-40 Days)
    - Long War (40-60 Days)
    - Hard War (60-80 Days)

- More special events
    - Free someone out of captivity (Actually play it)
    - When looting a place and you see bandits/people getting into a fight each other for some reasons and you can decide to help one side

- Ability to make an alliance with another group of survivors
And with them you can trade for better prices, ask for free stuff...

- Ability to ask certain people to join your group
You are able to ask ceratain people you meet in the city if they want to join your group. And then the person will decide. For example if you have alot of supplies they'll join you if you.

- Change clothes

Well I think thats it and sorry for my poor english :lol:
Btw. could you guys please post a perview to the next update, so we see what you guys are acutually working on right now?
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Re: I'm sad now... jk jk awesome game

Postby Borys » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:56 am

Hi! :) Thank you for the list of features you crave most - as always it is helpful. :) Some of your ideas will be implemented soon, some later. I'm afraid I don't have a liberty if listing you all the improvements contained in the next patch but hey... it will be out... SOON. :)
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Re: I'm sad now... jk jk awesome game

Postby sarke04 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:42 pm

This game is about survive not about killing enemys. Mr crossbow. 2 much walking death.
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