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The npc's alert system should make some enhancements

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:09 pm
by blackteapie
In the current game, the npc's patrol route will change, if they found someone stole some of their private items. But on the other hand, their patrol route won't have any change, after we kill someone of their team.
This make the game quite too easy. Take the military outpost for example, my strategy is to kill four or five (depends on the capacity of my backpack) of them at the first night, and then kill the rest of them at the next night. When I came at the next night, the first part of the outpost will be totally empty. No reserve, no investigation, nothing.
This doesn't make sense.
People will panic or alert, when they found their friends or colleagues was killed. And their patrol route shall change.
BTW, I found that the area we searched is only half of the outpost, there are buildings picture in the background. So, it's logical that the army should have some reserve hide in those buildings. 8-)