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New House / Possible DLC ???

New House / Possible DLC ???

Postby Time Trooper » Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:04 pm

I'm loving this game, the atmosphere is perfect the characters and stories authentic etc. But after a while I've become bored with the starting house, I know you guys won't whore out DLCs like EA but are there any plans to add something like a new houses? New characters and/or areas? Or even cities? This game has the potential to expand so much, part of This War of Mine is creating your own survival story but there is so much potential to add to that for even more stories.

Time Trooper
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Re: New House / Possible DLC ???

Postby CraigHazel » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:36 pm

Whatever they decide to add to the game.
be it updates or DLC's...

I will happily buy.
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Re: New House / Possible DLC ???

Postby Borys » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:13 pm

Thank you. :)

All I can say is we haven't stopped working on TWOM. There will be new content. And there will be more info.
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Re: New House / Possible DLC ???

Postby chrishits » Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:13 pm

Hi first of all, thanks for the great game.

I think there are many thinks u can add as DLCs for this game.

- new characters
- new looting places (much more, u can change the difficulty of the game with that very easy)
- a coop-mode where 2 players can work at the same time in the house and loot different places in the nigtht
- new features like (light (flashlight, ect.) ; energy (with generator), trapps against enemys, more barikads in the house, clothes for different weather conditions like rain and hard winters; quests were u can really do something, ways to the looting places as own levels, home under bombardment, fire in your home, Army is attacking destroying your home and u must finde a new one)
- different length of war (choosabel)
- endless war as a possabillity
- different types of difficulty
- stress between the suriviers
- love and .... u know what I mean
- kids in your group of surivers
- kids in looting places, which maybe can be killed too (I know that this is hard stuff, but it was reality in some wars)
- more changes in the looting places about the war (other enemys/groups of surviers; more distruction about the time; places could be looted by other groups or filled with loot again)
- more musik in the radio
- historical infos about real wars
- speaking characters
- more crafting
- canibalism as last chance to surive the war (I know that this is hard stuff, but it was reality in some wars)

I hope that this will help you to develop Addons or DLCs.

I will buy them, when there is a fair price.

Yours Sincerly

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