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"This War of Mine - Buy it now and download instantly"?????

"This War of Mine - Buy it now and download instantly"?????

Postby Falc79 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:36 pm

After watching a review of the game, I went to google and searched for:

this war of mine download


1st: This War of Mine - Download
This page seemed fake or out of date.

2nd: This War of Mine - Buy it now and download instantly ... e,148.html

3rd: Steam

I looked at the second page, and then found your main page. They both linked to the same "place to buy". - The text "Buy it now and download instantly" made em believe i could play the game instantly when buying it (and most people would believe this!) but no ... after trying for a LONG time to find out what was going on, i finally looked under "Download Size"... and under this it says: "Includes DRM-free version (530 MB) and Steam key. These assets will be made available on release day. Bonus wallpapers pack is available for download instantly." Does information like that (other than the actual size) belong under "download size"?

1st off: - having made a google link say you get the game when you buy it - and then you don't - AND the text telling you this is under "Download Size", seems pretty damn shady?!

2nd: Why??? Why would you have a version of the game, give it to let's players on youtube, and then hold out on the people who actually pay you? This seems very odd!

3rd: I made a complaint about this on the buy page, and now my complaint is deleted with no anwser??? Is this any way to treat a costumer?

4th: I own all the games you have made, and i think most of them are good. This however - is not!
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Re: "This War of Mine - Buy it now and download instantly"??

Postby admin » Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:32 pm

Sorry for that - it's the info that google has been indexing for each game at Games Republic.
GR changed that not to confuse anymore: "buy it now and download when available".

ad.4. - thinking now how to fix things. Check your e-mail.

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