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[android] Probable out of memory situation at level 6

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[android] Probable out of memory situation at level 6

Postby barfoos » Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:16 pm


I like your game and I'd like to actually play it through. Unfortunately I'm unable to get past level six because the game crashes a couple of seconds into the loading screen of that level. The screen goes blank briefly then the game starts all over showing the 11bit startup trailer. I can repeat this process indefinitely, probably.

I noticed that nearly every other application which was previously running in the background gets closed in the process of loading the level, including the launcher. So it shows at least the symptoms of an out of memory situation. However, I ran "Cool Tool - system stats" from deviantstudio and configured it to show an overlay of the remaining RAM. When every other application is closed I started Anomaly 2 with roughly 1.1G of free RAM available. On the level selection screen it's about 750MB, then while loading level six free RAM slowly drops to about 530MB. This is when the free RAM overlay disappears because Cool Tool gets terminated followed by Anomaly 2 half a second later. Unless those 530MB get completely allocated in this half a second the numbers don't seem to make sense. Why would the OS decide to terminate background applications with ~500MB still available?

Is just over 1G of free RAM enough to play Anomaly 2?

I'm on a rooted stock Xperia Z, 10.5.A.0.230 (Android 4.4.2), no frills, hacks, mods or whatnot otherwise.

The first time I encountered this was in the previous level five. Sometimes the opening sequence of that level appeared just short of a second, then the game would do its loop thing. But when I was able to hit the skip button in the bottom right corner quickly enough I could play through the level. It doesn't seem to do me that favor in level six though.

On a side note:
I think you're pushing the graphics way too hard. At least from my perspective holding this Xperia Z. I read the post ( where you explained why the Anomaly 2 Benchmark has a GFX quality setting while the actual game has not and I go along with that. But the engine should still gracefully adapt to the respective device specs and at least on my device it clearly does not. There are just too many situation with a frame rate of way less than 10FPS, even if the device is still cold. As soon as the thermal management kicks in throttling CPU/GPU because the device gets hot after a couple of minutes playing, the situation gets even worse. And the Xperia Z is not the only smart phone barely able to dissipate the heat generated by it's internal components under stress these days. In my opinion this is an unsatisfying fact that should still be accounted for in games like Anomaly 2.

I like the game a lot and I think the visuals are awesome. But what good does that do if I can actually see a more or less speedy sequence of still images most of the time, instead of a fluid gameplay? ... on a still above average hand set. I'd happily trade a bit of eye candy for more performance.

Maybe the game is already designed and supposed to adapt itself to its actual runtime environment and for some reason this simply does not work properly on my firmware/device. In any case I appreciate your support and I'm looking forward to seeing level 6 and beyond. I'm happy to supply more info if needed. There are ratings for Anomaly 2 in the Play Store describing very similar issues.

Best regards,
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Re: [android] Probable out of memory situation at level 6

Postby Pakistan » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:20 am

Well all the other apps were installed directly on my SD card, I did't evev hsd to move them on to SD. I actually cannot free more then 1GB of space on my phone becouse my phone does't have that much space. As I said on first post, I had "not enough space" error only when I had not enough space on my SD card. Now when I have more then 16GB of free space I do not get this error message.
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