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[PC] Swiftness = hold Shift a lot ?!

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[PC] Swiftness = hold Shift a lot ?!

Postby ztorm » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:09 am

In Anomaly Warzone Earth, you got a Swiftness medal for completing the mission as quickly as possible. It required careful route planning, and combined with Ruthlessness it was a real test of your strategic ability. Fast-forwarding was useful to the player, but it did not affect mission time. You could achieve gold Swiftness without ever using fast-forward.

In Anomaly 2 you NEED to fast-forward a LOT to get gold Swiftness, because mission time = play time. You accelerate "time" to trick the time counter, which... does not make sense. This is a serious flaw, please fix it !
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